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Since 2012, Berkeley SkyDeck has been at the forefront of innovation.


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What makes SkyDeck special?

SkyDeck has developed a strong global reputation and leverages our network of 500,000 Berkeley Alumni to help startups succeed.

SkyDeck’s commitment to: Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Why SkyDeck
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Ruth Bader Ginsberg

HotDesk startups are generally in an early stage of the startup lifecycle. They might be either too early for institutional funding, or have already received institutional funding.

They are invited to work in the open work areas and to attend all workshops and events at SkyDeck, on a self-serve basis.


Hackathon BHS MindBlown FINAL

Over 1,200 computer hackers from around the world packed UC Berkeley’s Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union last weekend during a 36-hour artificial intelligence (AI) learning language model (LLM) hackathon that Berkeley leaders say was the largest event of its kind. Dubbed “the Woodstock of Hackathons,” the event was…

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SkyDeck’s Dedicated Venture Fund