SkyDeck Industry Partners

Join our Industry Partner Program today and become part of an engaged entrepreneurial community!

SkyDeck Industry Partners are innovative corporate teams deeply engaging with our SkyTeams. Industry Partners receive concierge access to the UC Berkeley entrepreneurial ecosystem, pairing their expert corporate guidance with our startups’ technology.


Why Partner?

SkyDeck accelerates teams on the cutting-edge. As an official UC Berkeley accelerator, we attract the best talent from both UC Berkeley and the world, accelerate their pace, and connect them with top corporate partners. Let us help you navigate our rich ecosystem, whether you’re exploring new lines of business or building upon your current success!

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“We have been very impressed with the quality, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit of the startups within SkyDeck, as well as with the professionalism of the SkyDeck management team. SkyDeck is evolving into a strategic bridge between
UC Berkeley, the students, and industry, providing significant benefits to all parties.”

– Pat O’Doherty
Vice President Emerging Business
Analog Devices

SkyDeck Global Innovation Partners

Berkeley SkyDeck selects a limited number of regional partners to participate in SkyDeck’s Global Innovation Partner Program. The program serves as a bridge for global teams to participate in SkyDeck’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and gain access to the U.S. market by sending up to eight startup teams to accelerate at SkyDeck alongside other SkyDeck Cohort and HotDesk teams.


If you’d like to request more information or an invitation to join SkyDeck as a Global Innovation Partner, contact us today!