Berkeley SkyDeck
Europe, Milano

As an internationally renowned accelerator,
SkyDeck is now focused on expanding its
international footprint designed for accelerating
European-focused startups.

Application Timeline

Applications Open July 27, 2023 – August 31, 2023

Interviews September 18, 2023 – October 12, 2023

Program Start November 1, 2023

Demo Day April, 2024 (Date TBD)

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Berkeley SkyDeck highlights our accelerator program – Berkeley SkyDeck Europe, Milano – designed for accelerating Europe-focused startups. Applications for the third cohort class open July 27th, 2023.

With our newer program based in Milano, European startups will now be able to more easily access the vast network of advisors, mentors, VCs, and corporations that Berkeley SkyDeck has been building over the past 10 years, while also building their business in Europe and leveraging the European startup ecosystem.

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The accelerator is a collaborative initiative between three key stakeholders including Berkeley SkyDeck; Cariplo Factory, an innovation hub specializing in entrepreneurial programs; and Lendlease, a global real estate and investment group.

If your startup is looking to access the vast resources, programming and network that SkyDeck has to offer, apply to Berkeley SkyDeck Europe, Milano.

For European founders looking to grow their startups in the US and North American market, Berkeley SkyDeck may be the right program for you. Click here to learn more about the Berkeley SkyDeck Accelerator Program.

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Why should I join Berkeley SkyDeck Europe Milano? Startups that would like to take advantage of participating in a world class tech accelerator that is Berkeley SkyDeck, but do so without having to move to the U.S. for six months, can access benefits of Berkeley SkyDeck if selected to participate in the Berkeley SkyDeck Europe Milano.

What industries is Berkeley SkyDeck Europe Milano focused on? The Berkeley SkyDeck Europe Milano program is industry agnostic. We are open to startups across all industries.

How is Berkeley SkyDeck Europe Milano different from Berkeley SkyDeck? Berkeley SkyDeck Europe Milano is best suited for startups that are interested in establishing, developing, or expanding their businesses and networks in Europe. Berkeley SkyDeck is best suited for startups that are interested in establishing, developing, or expanding their businesses to customer and venture capital firms in Silicon Valley and the United States.
Who can apply to Berkeley SkyDeck Europe Milano? Berkeley SkyDeck Europe Milano is industry-agnostic and accepts applications from companies across all industries and from anywhere in the world. The Berkeley SkyDeck Europe Milano program is for anyone looking to benefit from Silicon Valley expertise, while focusing on growth and opportunities in Europe.

Can I apply to both programs? Yes, you can apply to both programs through the same application. Simply check the box for the program you are interested in joining. (Check both if you are interested in applying to both programs)
Are the investment terms identical across the two programs: No. There will be similarities across the two, but the two funds are managed separately. This means differences in investment thesis, selection criteria, and of course in terms of investment terms. To learn more about the Berkeley SkyDeck Fund, please visit here. To learn more about the Milano Fund, please visit SkyDeck Milano.

How much investment will a startup receive if selected to join Berkeley SkyDeck Europe Milano? Roughly 10 startups will be selected every 6 months to receive a €145,000 investment for 6% equity. The program is open to startups from anywhere in the world who are looking to build a presence in Europe.

What’s the best program for fundraising, Berkeley or Milano? Both programs can be helpful for fundraising. While some investors are open to opportunities around the globe, most still have a geographic area of emphasis. Berkeley SkyDeck Europe Milano has developed an ecosystem of European investors, while Berkeley SkyDeck has developed a network of US investors.

So, how do I choose between Berkeley or Milano? Both platforms are helpful European startups looking to grow their business and raise their first rounds of capital. Founders choose Berkeley SkyDeck when they are interested in establishing a strong presence in Silicon Valley, going to market with US customers, and raising money from VCs in Silicon Valley. Startups who chose Berkeley SkyDeck Europe Milano, tend to look to stay in the European market, access European customers, and want to raise money from European Investors.
Is there any program fee to participate in Berkeley SkyDeck Europe Milano? There is a €35,000 fee that is deducted from the €145,000 investment that is awarded to successful applicants.

What is the difference between Berkeley SkyDeck and Berkeley SkyDeck Europe Milano? Berkeley SkyDeck Europe Milano is for startups who are focusing on European markets and want to launch and grow in that region by connecting with corporate partners and interacting and learning from experienced advisors from the SkyDeck community of founders / investors / executives. SkyDeck Berkeley is for startups who want to enter the US market, and tap into UC Berkeley’s community of talent (for hiring), alumni (for sales introductions).

Can I participate in both programs? Yes, but not at the same time. Many European startups might initially launch locally in the European market, but shift their focus to expanding and growing in the U.S. and North American market. That would be the right time to think about applying to Berkeley SkyDeck or visa versa.

Do I have to move to Berkeley or to Milan for each program? For the first three months of the program, startups will participate remotely in programming and workshops offered at Berkeley SkyDeck. For the remaining three months, the startups will reside on location at the Cariplo Factory accelerator in Milan, Italy.

Will I have access to the same group of advisors in programs? There will be a great deal of overlap in advisors between the two as many Berkeley SkyDeck advisors are happy to work with founders - regardless of their geographic location!

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