UC Berkeley students

Berkeley SkyDeck encourages UC Berkeley students to explore startup opportunities and join our community. The are many ways for students to engage at SkyDeck.


Apply to SkyDeck’s Pad-13 program. The Pad-13 program is open to all student founded startups. You can apply if you are simply working on an idea and your startup doesn’t even have a name yet! Apply during the open application periods, or send an email to SkyDeck any time of year and we will let you know if there is room in our student program. To find out more about campus resources, visit our website for entrepreneurs, Berkeley Begin. Go Bears!

UC Berkeley Faculty

If you are a faculty founder and would like to join the SkyDeck program, please email the SkyDeck Executive Director.

Many faculty founded startups have participated in the SkyDeck program, in both the funded Cohort program and the Pad-13 program. Some of our faculty founded startups:

Zephyrus Biosciences – Professor Amy Herr, Bioengineering

Ambidextrous Labs – Professor Ken Goldberg, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences

Inkspace Imaging – Professor Ana Arias and Professor Michael Lustig, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences

Iota Biosciences – Professor Michel Maharbiz and Professor Jose Carmena, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences


SkyDeck’s Faculty Advisors is group of faculty who are leading researchers in their fields and who are also startup founders and startup advisors. These faculty help guide SkyDeck in their areas of expertise, and can provide unique guidance to startup founders in scientific and technical fields.


SkyDeck hosts many events and programs that are relevant to faculty including:

  • Introductions to Industry Partners interested in sponsoring research on campus
  • Roundtables hosted by our Industry Partners
  • Events for faculty on startup advising
  • Guidance on lab use and conflict of interest management

Our UC Berkeley Campus Partners enhance the SkyDeck experience

Berkeley Science Fellows

Connects UC Berkeley postdoctoral research scientists with startups who would offer their scientific expertise to advance the mission of the startups. This program is the first of its kind in the country.

Naresh Sunkara

Naresh Sunkara

Founder of BPEP and BSFP

Haas Startup Squad

Connecting ambitious business students with the most promising SkyDeck startups for mutual learning and acceleration.

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