Twenty-two startups Join Berkeley SkyDeck Accelerator in Fall 2018 Cohort

UC Berkeley SkyDeck, the largest official startup accelerator of UC Berkeley, announces its 22 Fall 2018 funded Cohort startups today. With a total of 102 teams (22 funded Cohort teams and 80 HotDesk teams) this is the largest cohort ever at SkyDeck. The new startup teams encompass such multi-disciplinary technologies as AI, robotics, enterprise and consumer software, gene therapy, and therapeutics. These technologies have transformational potential applications which can widely benefit e-commerce, consumer products, information technology, disease treatment, and currency solutions. Twenty-two funded Cohort teams receive $100,000 from the Berkeley SkyDeck Fund as well as more than $250,000 in free and discounted services, and intensive mentorship.