Newsletter – November 2, 2022

SkyDeck kicked-off Batch 15 on November 1st and we’re thrilled to be working with so many visionaries as their startups take flight! Chon Tang (Founding Partner, SkyDeck Fund) says “when market conditions get tough, the best founders stand out even more obviously. I’m excited by the caliber of companies we saw in this application cycle and I know they are building products that will change the world in the years to come.” 

With 120 startups accepted across SkyDeck’s four programs, Caroline Winnett (Executive Director, SkyDeck) remarked that applications for Batch 15 jumped nearly 20% over the previous Batch and “both our Berkeley and Europe programs have selected startups from many different countries, with ambitious founders we can’t wait to work with. Our network is already buzzing with excitement to get started in supporting them.”