Newsletter – June 23, 2023

This past weekend, Berkeley SkyDeck and Cal Hacks co-hosted the inaugural UC Berkeley AI LLM Hackathon, which brought 1,200 students and recent graduates together from universities across the world for an intense 36 hours of building AI LLM (large language model) solutions, with a focus on responsible AI. Fueled by access to OpenAI’s invite-only API, as well as support from Microsoft Azure, LlamaIndex, Featureform, MindsDB, Hume AI, Anyscale, Solana Foundation, LangChain, and Gorilla Group, the hackers developed innovative projects in areas including healthcare, finance, education, and gaming. Judged by top VC firms, the epic weekend culminated in the top 4 teams winning $50,000 investments from the Berkeley SkyDeck Fund.

SkyDeck gives special thanks to our 17+ sponsors, 60+ judges, 30+ mentors, and 40+ volunteers, as well as our panelists and workshop speakers for helping us make this event a reality. UC Berkeley continues to pioneer innovation to change the world for the better. “This event was successful beyond my wildest imagination,” said Caroline Winnett, Executive Director of SkyDeck. “We suspected there would be good interest, but as we saw from this event, people really came out of the woodwork and flew in from all over the country and from around the world to join.” Read more here.