Think you have a great startup? Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • 1

    A team member affiliated with UC Berkeley, LBNL, or UCSF. An affiliate is a current student, alum, faculty/staff member, postdoc researcher, or visiting scholar

  • 2

    Proof of feasibility: this could come in the form of customer interviews, a demo, a prototype, or a patent or significant scientific/technical breakthrough

  • 3

    Team must be for-profit and ready to begin interacting with mentors and potential investors

Have any unanswered questions? Check out our FAQ page for prospective SkyTeams!


    Cohort Track

    This is for application into the full SkyDeck program, with an application window offered twice per year in the Fall and Spring. The application reopens September 1- 29.


    Hot-Desking Track

    This track is for companies that are likely full cohort candidates when space is available. This application is currently closed.



    This is the application for potential SkyInterns. We accept applications from current UC Berkeley students and alumni.