Berkeley SkyDeck Demo Day

Spring Cohort Class 2020

3rdiTech logo

USA/India – Hardware

CMOS Image sensor company. Solving challenging problems in silicon within image sensors. 3rdi is a fabless chip company with a strong R&D focus.
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Meet the Team

Vinayak Dalmia

Vrinda Kapoor

DSight logo black
4D Sight

USA – Media/AI

Deep video monetization platform.
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Meet the Team

Erhan Ciris

Adereso logo

CHILE – Enterprise Software

Adereso is a help desk for customer support. We manage a million+ conversations among companies and customers every day. Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Live Chat and others, in a single tool powered by AI. Focus on Spanish speaking market. Sales in 5 countries, 75+ corporates as customers, 30+ people team.
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Meet the Team

Camilo Lopez

Sergio Maass

Cesar Zamora

Daniel Beth

AESOP logo
AESOP Technology

USA/Taiwan – Bio

AESOP Technology reduces medication errors using Machine Learning run on 1.3 Billion prescriptions.
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Meet the Team

Jack Li

Jim Long

Jeremiah Scholl

Harvey Chin

AHEAD logo
AHEAD Medicine

USA/Taiwan – Bio

AHEAD Medicine develops AI-enabled diagnostics and clinical decision support for blood cancer and provides efficient, comprehensive and high fidelity diagnostic and disease evaluation solutions to support physicians in optimizing treatment plan for patients with hematologic malignancies.
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Meet the Team

Andrea Wang

Kevin Ko

Jeremy Lee

Shawn Tsai

Jason Liang

AimHub logo

USA – Artificial Intelligence

Version Control and Collaboration Hub for AI teams.
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Meet the Team

Gevorg Soghomonian

Gor Arakelyan

Axent logo
Axent Biosciences Inc.

USA – Bio

Axent Biosciences Inc. engineers biomaterials to overcome major hurdles in manufacturing and delivery of stem cell therapies for neurodegenerative diseases.
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Meet the Team

David Schaffer

David Kirn

Riya Muckom

Wanichaya Noiwangklang

Hunter Johnson

Rocio Sampayo

Blings logo

ISRAEL – Media Tech/Marketing Tech/Video Tech/Enterprise Software

At, we allow companies to create personlized videos, using any kind of data. Based on the “edge computing” paradigm, we’ve developed a new html video format, the “MPflyer”, that connects to the client’s data-store and renders the video “on the fly” – with no rendering costs, no rendering time and no scale limitation.
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Meet the Team

Yosef Peterseil

Yonatan Schreiber

Brightflow Logo

USA – Fintech

Easily integrating ecommerce companies’ financial data (Quickbooks, Shopify, Amazon Sales, Facebook Ad spend) to provide cashflow, forecasts, and other analyses automatically and instantly.
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Meet the Team

Robbie Bhathal

Jeffrey Priebe

Matt Acalin

Ivy Evans

DispatchGoods logo
Dispatch Goods

USA – Food Tech

Dispatch Goods creates a system of reusable containers by partnering with restaurants and food delivery apps. This aims to replace single-use containers in the food delivery and take-out sector.
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Meet the Team

Lindsey Hoell

Jessie Heiges

Maia Tekle

Fibulas logo

USA/China – Bio

Fibulas is a FDA-registered life science company focused on developing high fidelity freezing technology for live biospecimens used in research, diagnostics and therapeutics.
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Meet the Team

Shirley Pan

David Ma

Hermes logo
Hermes Robotics

USA – Robotics

Autonomous street sweeping as a service.
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Meet the Team

Guilhem Herail

Mattia Pelissou

ImmunoMind Logo

USA – Bio / Artificial Intelligence

ImmunoMind is pioneering AI-driven drug development with single-cell precision. They bring immunology and AI together to democratize precision medicine and provide a comprehensive landscape of the immune system with an unprecedented level of resolution. Their AI platform leverages single-cell immunogenomics technologies for precision drug development in cancer, autoimmune and orphan diseases, automating and accelerating the discovery by up to 50x times.
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Meet the Team

Vadim Nazarov

Sergey Fedyschenko

Vasily Tsvetkov

KuraWhite logo
Kura AR


Kura is an augmented reality hardware company developing the most advanced headset in the industry. Kura’s AR system outperforms all known competitors across all features, such as field of view, brightness, transparency, depth of field, and size.
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Meet the Team

Kelly Peng

Garrow Geer

Bayley Wang

ontopical logo

CANADA – SaaS/NLP/Gov Tech

Ontopical is focused on the rapid extraction of business intelligence from public government content such as council meeting agendas and minutes, as it pertains to risks and opportunities for those working in the private sector.
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Meet the Team

Derrick Koenig

Leslie Hastman

David Fawcett

Kathryn Loewen


USA – Bio

Organos’ mission is to exploit our unique combination of organ-on-chip technology and computational models to enable the pharmaceutical industry to do better, safer, faster, and cheaper drug development.
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Meet the Team

Kevin Healy

Sam Wall

PhononicVibes Logo
Phononic Vibes

ITALY – Hardware

Phononic Vibes introduces a new patented technology with unprecedented performances in the vibration and noise control and isolation, with a circular economy approach.
Our Technology is applied in several industries like Infrastructure, Appliances, Automotive and Buildings.
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Meet the Team

Luca D’Alessandro

Giovanni Capellari

Stefano Caverni

Simone Mazzola

Root Applied Sciences

USA – Bio/Ag Tech

Root Applied Sciences helps farmers reduce pesticide use by automating detection of airborne pathogens.
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Meet the Team

Sarah Placella

Brittney Nguyen

Rodrigo Almeida

Andrew Gillies

StudyFree logo

USA – Ed Tech

Online platform that connects students with international opportunities worldwide.
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Meet the Team

Dasha Kroshkina

Anastasia Dmitrieva

syglass logo

USA – Big Data

syGlass is a scientific data visualization and annotation system that allows rendering of large, volumetric data in its true, three- or four-dimensional form. syGlass is utilized by over 100 research institutions around the world, and decreases discovery time by 10-50x.
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Meet the Team

Michael Morehead

George Spirou

Gianfranco Doretto

Wing logo
Wing Assistant

USA – Artificial Intelligence

An AI-powered virtual assistant service taking over low-skilled work and offering process automation with a novel low-code design interface and advanced NLP to make small businesses more productive.
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Meet the Team

Karan Kanwar

Sai Gupta

Roland Polzin

Martin Gomez

Xoba Logo

USA – Enterprise Software

The world’s first knowledge engine. Breaking down the silos of information and being the backend engine of an organization to enable them to discover more information. From enabling organizations to discover everyday information to do their jobs, to helping gather evidence for compliance efforts, to enabling new employees to ramp up faster, Xoba is the engine that keeps your organization running smoothly.
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Meet the Team

Shawn Razek

Rahul Ramakrishnan

Piyush Patil

ZHealthEHR Logo

USA – Digital Health

zHealthEHR is disrupting the $15B wellness services software industry by providing an all-in-one SaaS solution which automates the entire customer journey from online appointments, check-in at kiosk, automated EHR notes, insurance billing and automated online reviews.
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Meet the Team

Sukhi Singh

Rishubh Garg

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