Berkeley SkyDeck KISED 2021

Korean Startup Pitch Showcase

Mask Group
Arun Co., Ltd


Arun is a water tech startup that specializes in Micro-filtration that is cheaper and improves overall water quality. Arun has been developing technologies to significantly reduce the pollutants that are currently emitted in industry. Through technology, its mission is to preserve nature and better the environment.
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Meet the Team

Jun Ho Oh

coconut silo logo

Software – Data/AI Technologies

Coconut Silo is a mobility startup that leverages big data and AI to create greater efficiency for the logistics world in Southeast Asia.
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Meet the Team

Tony Taewon Han

Mask Group
DoAI Inc.

Software – AI

DoAI provides leading-edge AI solutions leveraging its unique technology and global infrastructure.
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Meet the Team

Yong Jun (Michael) Choi

gene medicine logo


GeneMedicine specializes in the development of tumor-targeted and systemically deliverable oncolytic adenovirus for the treatment of intractable cancer patients. GeneMedicine reached two licensing-out agreements with two U.S. biotech companies and received 43 million USD in investment.
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Meet the Team

Chae-Ok Yun

Yunjoo Lee

Kyungho Jang, Ph.D.

Jung On Ahn, M.S.

Jason Bae, Ph.D.

Bong-Joon Jo, M.S.

Ho Hyuk Jang, M.S.

logo file
Lighters Company

Entertainment and Media

Kooky is where superfans meet stars.
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Meet the Team

Hami Kim

neuramedy logo
Neuramedy Co.


Neuramedy is a biotech startup specializing in neurodegenerative disorders.
We are developing TLR-2 antibody for Parkinson’s disease.
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Meet the Team

Seung-Jae Lee

oncocross logo

Biotech – AI

Oncocross is an AI platform based biotech that helps pharmaceutical companies to accelerate drug development. We analyze RNA gene expression at transcriptomic level from cells and biopsy samples to determine the fitness of drug and disease, enabling drug development in a holistic biological approach.
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Meet the Team

Daniel Kim

the daeback co logo
The Daeback Company


No.1 Hallyu (Korean wave) e-commerce connecting global customers and Korean brands
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Meet the Team

Hyunwoo Cho

three ducks logo edited
Three Ducks Inc.

Software – Entertainment and Media

Three Ducks Inc. is a company that aims to disrupt artist-fan communication market.
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Meet the Team

Tae Hyun (Teddy) Ahn