AI Embodied
AI Embodied

USA/UK- B2B Software

AI Embodied is a B2B SaaS platform designed to empower businesses to rapidly test and deploy AI-driven solutions for text-rich data. With our intuitive no-code interface, you can harness the power and flexibility of an ML expert.
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Meet the Team

Hamzah Shahkhan

Fizza Tariq Shahkhan


USA – BioTech/MedTech

Augmental is building smart mouthwear for hands-free device control and conversational AI. We are defining a new wearable category to enhance on-the-go human-computer interaction.
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Meet the Team

Corten Singer

Tomás Vega


USA/Canada – Climate / B2B Software

CarbonGraph is a digital platform that companies use to measure and communicate the carbon footprint of their products, allowing them to easily share critical data with their customers and stakeholders and meeting increasingly complex reporting requirements.
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Meet the Team

San Anderson


USA – HR Tech

Compiify is a compensation intelligence platform that empowers companies to attract, retain and motivate employees by making data-driven pay decisions that are fair & equitable.
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Meet the Team

Kapil Gupta

Saurabh Jain

Converse Health

USA – Digital Health

Converse Health is using LLMs to create a patient navigator to help orthopedic clinics and providers do more with less. Our product provides end-to-end guidance for patients from scheduling to post-operative care- automating tedious tasks and increasing revenue.
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Meet the Team

Louis Sallerson

Val Zinchenko

Adam Teitelman


USA – B2B Software

CYQIQ brings efficiency and effectiveness to the professional services industry by implementing generative AI. Our SaaS accelerates the data analysis in consulting and finance verticals by extracting structured insights out of masses of unstructured data.
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Meet the Team

Tino Purmann

Richard Hruby

Nuno Teixeira

editpep logo

USA  – BioTech/MedTech

Editpep is enabling anti-cancer cell therapies as well as first-in-class genetic interventions for currently-untreatable diseases of the brain and eye. Adopting a “CRISPR as biologic” approach, Editpep employs proprietary delivery technology to gently convey pre-formed genome editing enzymes into clinically-important cells.
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Meet the Team

Ross Wilson

Genine Winslow

El Dorado

Colombia -FinTech

El Dorado is building Latin America’s Payments SuperApp. We facilitate domestic and cross-border transactions, with connections to 70+ local payment channels, all powered by a network of currency exchange agents.
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Meet the Team

Guillermo Goncalvez

Juan Andreu


USA/Canada – Climate/Energy Tech

Enerza is redefining asset and vegetation inspection for utilities with their groundbreaking autonomous on-wire robots. Enerza’s self-sufficient robots traverse distribution lines, charging themselves on the wire and providing real-time data for efficient decision-making.
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Meet the Team

James Aein

Anson Maitland

Enkrypt AI

USA – B2B Software

Enkrypt AI is developing a robust AI Rights Management solution, which offers secure deployment, comprehensive usage analytics, and entitlements for proprietary AI models across enterprise customers’ private environments.
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Meet the Team

Sahil Agarwal

Prashanth Harshangi

Essence Labs

USA – Digital Health

Essence is the AI-powered benefits platform that elevates the performance of female employees by optimizing their schedule according to the hormonal cycle.
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Meet the Team

Elina Valeeva

Rustam Galiev

Timur Tkharkakhov

Hannah Wilson

Experify x

USA/Switzerland – B2B Software

Experify is the community operating system for ecommerce brands – enabling businesses to gather, engage, and involve their customer communities like never before.
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Meet the Team

René Pfitzner

Niklas Etzel


Singapore/Indonesia – FinTech

GetMo provides capital to fast-growing SMEs in Southeast Asia. By being pioneers in open banking and direct debit technology and leveraging AI scoring and API integrations with third-party providers, we’re able to provide capital to entrepreneurs in a matter of days.
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Meet the Team

Nikita Semenov

Sergei Kuzmin

Alex Makarov


USA/UK/CH – B2B Software

GuardHash is the privacy layer that enables each enterprise to unlock the value of its sensitive data. GuardHash pioneers a new anonymization approach based on differential privacy that makes data faster, easier and safer to use.
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Meet the Team

Piergiacomo De Marchi

Francesco Stefani


USA/Italy – Chip/Hardware

Hyperable develops IP cores for AI/ML accelerators. By utilizing the open-source and highly customizable RISC-V instruction set, Hyperable creates specialized and efficient hardware solutions for various AI/ML applications.
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Meet the Team

Marco Spaziani Brunella

Giulia Cassara

Jacobi Robotics

USA – Robotics

Jacobi Robotics is bringing the modern software development framework to industrial robotics. Leveraging recent breakthroughs in motion planning from UC Berkeley’s BAIR Lab, the Jacobi Platform helps businesses develop and deploy intelligent robot arm solutions in dynamic environments faster.
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Meet the Team

Max Cao

Yahav Avigal

Ken Goldberg

Arno Strotgen


USA/UK – Software/Deep Tech

Matta is building a future where you can design and manufacture anything you can dream of. We create AI copilots for advanced manufacturing that learn from the best operators in the factory, help them do what they do best and automate the rest.
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Meet the Team

Douglas Brion

Sebastian Pattinson

Tom Walker

Damjan Denic

MZR Neurotech

USA – BioTech/MedTech

MZR Neurotech is putting a sleep clinic into your ears. Through their brain monitoring earbuds and clinically connected data platform, MZR is helping patients understand their brains with insights about their cognitive health, potential sleep disorders, and treatment options.
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Meet the Team

Ryan Kaveh

Arya Reais-Parsi

Rikky Muller


USA – BioTech/MedTech

NeuraStasis empowers stroke survivors to reclaim their lives. Their wearable medical device helps rewire neural networks after brain injury through their proprietary non-invasive neurostimulation.
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Meet the Team

Kirt Gill

Joe Upchurch

oso semiconductor
Oso Semiconductor

USA – Chip/Hardware

Ọsọ Semiconductor is an innovative fabless semiconductor company selling ultralow-power, low-cost, performance microchips to supercharge the antennas of the future.
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Meet the Team

Matthew Anderson


USA – FinTech

Otterz is revolutionizing Small Business Banking by pioneering a single Smart Bank Account with Integrated Card Payments, AI-Driven Bookkeeping & Virtual CFO. Small businesses will no longer have to struggle with conventional bank accounts with high fees, limited services for managing and moving money, and the need to juggle various platforms.
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Meet the Team

Tapan Ramachandran

Semih Korkmaz


USA – Digital Health

Roger is building the elder care operating system – powered by LLMs. We start by helping home health agencies struggling with low margins automate manual work like documentation and patient calls to increase efficiencies, overcome staffing shortages, and provide better outcomes to elderly patients.
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Meet the Team

Yunus Ansari

Yusef Iskandar

Keyur Shah

Titan new logo
Titan AI

USA – Gaming

Titan AI is building mobile games with Generative AI for 2.6 billion under-served players.
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Meet the Team

Fabien-Pierre Nicolas

Victor Ceitelis


USA – B2B Software

Traverse is the all-in-one commerce platform for hotels. We enable small to mid-sized hotel groups to capture every booking – with less effort and at a lower cost.
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Meet the Team

Kyle Killion

Blaire McCoy

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