Akin Vertical Lockup w Tag Color Stephanie Greer
Akin Mental Health

USA – HealthTech/Digital Health

Akin Mental Health supports families caring for a loved one with a severe mental illness (for example bipolar disorder or schizophrenia). Decades of research show that when family caregivers are given knowledge and support this creates an outsized impact on patient recovery. Akin provides families with personalized lessons, community connections and access to expereinced guides that help families navigate the challenges of mental illness and find healing together.
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Meet the Team

Stephanie Greer

Matthew Montañez

Cura Therapeutics

USA – BioTech

Cura therapeutics is developing innovative immunotherapies to cure a wide range of cancers, specifically solid malignancies. Our technologies are based on multi-functional immune proteins with potent anti-cancer properties.
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Meet the Team

Claudia Penafuerte

Collin Horner

Moutih Rafei

GUENO LOGO Tomas Ramella

USA/Argentina – Enterprise SaaS

Güeno is the new way to onboard users end-to-end in LatAm. LatAm user onboarding is complex, 20 Countries, manage 10-12 providers, multiple currencies, languages, and legal jurisdictions.
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Meet the Team

Mark Sebastian

Tomas Ramella Sanguinetti

Hypernova orangeblack .A
Hypernova Space

Luxem./S. Africa– Space/Hardware

Hypernova is building technology to enable satellites to operate in Very Low Earth Orbits (VLEO). Satellites in VLEO can capture significantly higher-resolution earth imagery and more valuable data than comparable systems in typical low earth orbits (LEO). Our proprietary technology, which includes our refuelable Vacuum Arc Thruster (VAT), will unlock the potential of VLEO for commercial satellite constellations.
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Meet the Team

Gareth Halstead

Jonathan Lun

inkah logo@x

USA/Singapore – EdTech

In an increasingly globalized world, demand for language learning has soared. However, advanced students are limited to choosing between classroom lectures, or apps that entertain more than they educate. Inkah leverages the explosion of entertaining, popular long-tail native social content (short-form video) by building a content marketplace that combines the best of rigorous language learning with highly personalized, engaging content.
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Meet the Team

Conor McLaughlin

Susanna Lam

InTone Logo Horizontal PNG Blue Negative

USA/Rus./Ukr. – Enterprise SaaS

InTone offers a personalized AI accent neutralization technology, on a mission to improve communication around the globe. Our solution enhances speech in real-time and integrates into any virtual phone/video conferencing software.                                                                          With the global trend of outsourced customer support, InTone brings the quality of offshore customer support calls to a new level. By enhancing understanding between call center agents and customers, companies can reduce the need for language training, while processing more calls and improving customer satisfaction.
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Meet the Team

Andrew Golman

Alex Mashrabov

Egor Pavalyaev

L logo vector Shasha Jumbe
Level 42 AI

USA – BioTech/MedTech

Transition from the current “sick care” paradigm to “proactive health care” is hampered by a lack of early asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic disease screening tools. Current diagnostic tools have high false-positive and false-negative readouts, are invasive, expensive, and inequitably deployed.                                                                                                                    Level 42 AI hardware and software turns “noise” into signal that gives primary health care providers, community healthcare workers, and individuals superhuman hearing abilities to rapidly, accurately, and cheaply diagnose more than 60 diseases with altered gas, liquid, and solid movement early symptoms. Level 42 AI is developing a proprietary human sounds and vibrations (vibrome) search engine for unprecedented rapid, accurate, and cost-effective tunable digital health diagnostics for urgent care and minute-clinic point-of-care triage, telemedicine, and self-directed care, as ubiquitous as the thermometer.
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Meet the Team

NL Shasha Jumbe

Andreas Schuh

Michael Morimoto

Peter Rexelius

mentalyc pink big Maria Szandrach

USA/Ger. – Digital/Mental Health

The world is suffering from a mental health crisis. While digital therapeutics /software as medical devices are undoubtedly the future, therapists, patients, and developers struggle to deploy them effectively. Mentalyc bridges the gap between stakeholders by becoming the app store for mental health applications. After establishing the world’s largest network of therapists and patients through a suite of (free!) connected clinical tools, Mentalyc will leverage advanced AI/NLP to help therapists recommend the right software app, at the right time, for the right patient. And in doing so, it will be a funnel of highly motivated and precisely selected customers to the providers of these digital therapeutics.
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Meet the Team

Maria Szandrach

Georgi Urumov

metricsbird logo

USA – Enterprise/B2B Software

Metricsbird is the monitoring and analytics platform for developers, IT operations teams and business users in the cloud. Our SaaS platform integrates and automates infrastructure monitoring, application performance monitoring and log management to provide unified, real-time observability of our customers’ entire technology stack.
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Meet the Team

Prasanna Venkatesh

Kiran Karidi

Mithril Security Big Logo
Mithril Security

USA/France – Security Tech

Mithril Security allows confidential and regulated data to be shared and analyzed across multiple stakeholders.  We make it possible with BlindAI, our open-source solution for one-click secure deployment of AI models. Our product is being used and tested by 2 security R&D labs. We are signing our first contracts with a world leader in biometrics for Confidential AI, along with advertising and banking clients for clean rooms, to provide privacy-friendly and compliant solutions.
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Meet the Team

Daniel Huynh

Raphaël Millet

Mehdi Bessaa

modelwise logo rgb BIG softturquoise Florian Grigoleit

USA/Germany – Enterprise SaaS

Tech companies around the world are struggling with supply chain challenges – a single missing part can bring a massive automotive assembly line to a halt, leading to billions of dollars in losses. Modelwise provides a solution that applies AI and theorem-proving to automatically simulate and assess the compliance of electronics components and complex engineering designs – this allows us to launch a marketplace where design specifications and models are stored, and safe / drop-in replacements can be identified and sourced at any time. There are massive network effects in this model that will allow us to revolutionize and dominate the electronics industry for decades to come.
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Meet the Team

Florian Grigoleit

Arnold Bitner

Iliya Valchev

RaiseRobotics Logo BlueOrange
Raise Robotics

USA – Robotics

Raise Robotics builds robots to handle challenging jobs on construction sites, so people don’t have to.
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Meet the Team

Gary Chen

Conley Oster

RIIICO Technologies

USA/Germany – Enterprise SaaS

We bring factories into the 21st century with a collaborative planning platform that disrupts how managers visualize their physical spaces and equipment. Utilizing large-scale 3D scanning and proprietary AI, we’re able to quickly generate push-button, fully interactive models of actual facilities that guarantee accurate data access to every stakeholder involved.
Just as Figma brought user interface design to a whole new base of users, RIIICO is going to be the platform of choice when people collaborate on reality 3d data. 5 years from now, not only manufacturing plants will rely on RIIICOs models but also all retail stores, public infrastructure and corporate offices around us.
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Meet the Team

Felix Fink

Jan Büchsenschütz

Patrick Mertens


USA/Singapore- AgTech/Foodtech

Teora is a synthetic biology startup utilizing bioinformatics and material science to create vaccines that can be practically delivered with food. Our solutions target the trillion dollar food production industry to increase yield, enhance growth, replace harmful chemicals with natural and sustainable biologics in shrimp, fish, animals, and plants. Based on our understanding of the problem and strong tractions from major farms, we started developing solution aquaculture space ($280B), which is incredibly important to feeding a growing and hungry planet, but there are no effective solutions for viral or bacterial disease. For example, White Spot Syndrome virus can kill an entire shrimp farm crop in less than a week – bringing devastating economic losses of over $6B annually. Right now, absolutely no preventive solutions exist. Our solutions open a new reliable method of farming.
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Meet the Team

Rishita Changede

Mathew Pathalil

Tesserol Integrated logo px
Tesserol Inc.

USA – Energy Tech

Tesserol is a clean energy venture that manufactures long endurance drones to disrupt the enterprise drone market. Our drones acheive 2-3x flight time compared to battery powered drones using a lightweight hydrogen fuel cell powered by an onboard hydrogen generator fueled by sodium borohydride. Along with secure real-time data streaming to our customers, safety, and reliability, this hardware allows us to outperform our competition in the growing drone services markets including infrastructure inspection in California. The state has mandated that 500K+ citrical infrastructure assets be inspected in the next few years, growing to a $0.8B market in 5 years from an $80 million immediated beachhead market which we will be pursuing in the next 12-18 months after we prove the reliability and safety of our technology.
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Meet the Team

Dallon Penney

Greg Nevolo

Tyfast logo grey

USA – Hardware/Chip/New Materials

Tyfast is designing the fastest charging, longest-lasting and safest lithium battery for always-on consumer/wearable devices, robotics and commercial electric vehicles. State-of-the-art lithium batteries with graphite anodes take over an hour to fully charge and have a short lifetime. Tyfast with its proprietary vanadium anode, a drop-in replacement for graphite, will deliver a full charge in less than 5-mins and achieve 20,000 cycle life.
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Meet the Team

GJ la O'

Haodong Liu

Logo Large V Philip Brook

USA/Canada – Enterprise SaaS

Voice is an incredibly rich datasource for understanding your customer. Beyond text-based attributes, you are able to understand nuance, emotion, mood and intent in ways text data never could. Is your customer happy? Angry? Delighted? Frustrated? But right now, product and marketing teams are completely missing out on this dimension of customer insight. Existing customer analytic tools are either solely focused on text data, or make the implementation of voice analytics so complicated that customer-centric teams are blocked from accessing. Voiceform democratizes voice analytics for product, marketing and CX teams. We want to equip teams with the tools and analytics needed to capture a richer layer of customer sentiment previously unavailable to them.
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Meet the Team

Philip Brook

Artem Alekhin

Harrison Reilly

wing logo
Wing AI

USA – Marketplace/platform

Wing is a managed marketplace for companies to hire top talent to help run their businesses – we enable companies to focus on their core activities by taking over entire functions such as Social Media Management, Sales, Talent Sourcing, and more. We leverage artificial intelligence, and purpose-built software products to deliver great value to our clients over the long-term.
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Meet the Team

Roland Polzin

Karan Kanwar

Martin Gomez

Sai Gupta

WattWorker Inc.

USA/Norway – Logistics

The commercial & environmental advantages of electrical vehicles are increasingly obvious – except in the long-haul logistics industry. Improved battery chemistries and environmental concerns have not been enough to overcome commercial and operational barriers in this segment. Wattworker is the solution. We are developing a network of automated fast-battery swap stations to enable the electrification of long-haul semi-freight. Our Battery Swapping Platform enables depleted Semi batteries to be replaced in 5-10 minutes, compared to 60+ minutes for “Fast” Chargers that can only charge a battery to 80%. Our disruptive solution enables unlimited range, reduces upfront capital costs, while even increasing topline revenue by carrying more cargo. We have an easy-to-adopt solution ready to roll out to fleet operators soon, and will quickly achieve dominant network effects.
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Meet the Team

Sven Peterson

Alessandro Arlandini

Deepak Palaksha

Mohammad Waqas Imtiaz

Winko Logo V Canvas Akonkwa Mubagwa
Winko Solar, Inc.

USA – GreenTech/Consumer

Winko Solar is the gateway to the online experience of African internet users. 600 million Africans in rural regions are disconnected from the digital age because they either lack electricity, connectivity, or mobile devices. Winko Solar provides a standalone integrated solution that addresses all of these challenges. By combining a phone, internet data plan and a solar-powered hub in one as a monthly subscription, Africans can immediately advance centuries at a price-point affordable to all. Winko Solar owns the user experience on each user device – allowing Winko to be the central point for all African online consumer experience.
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Meet the Team

Akonkwa Mubagwa

Wing Hang Mathieu

wonderfil logo high resolution

USA – GreenTech/Consumer

Consumers are ready to make a difference, and contribute to a sustainable future. But even the most environmentally-conscious consumers still find it challenging to ditch single-use plastics: zero-waste alternatives are either too expensive, or too inconvenient. Wonderfil is launching refill vending machines placed on college campuses, in apartment buildings, and eventually in retail environments. By fulfilling this core need, students will become recurring subscribers to our service for $20/year – initially, they can access refills of their favorite brands at cost, saving them money and making us the sole provider of personal care product refills on college campuses. In the long run, Wonderfil becomes the membership club for buying all of their sustainable products.
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Meet the Team

Amelia Eichel

Shiloh Sacks

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