Berkeley SkyDeck Demo Day

Batch 11

Dcipher Analytics

USA/Sweden – SaaS/Text analytics/NLP

Dcipher Analytics provides a SaaS-based toolbox for accelerating, automating, and improving the process of turning unstructured text into insights. Through innovation in Natural Language Processing, we are pursuing the goal of saving competitive intelligence professionals billions of hours of insight work per year collectively, while increasing the quality of their output.
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Meet the Team

Mats Lindgren

Tomas Larsson

Zafer Çavdar


USA – BioTech/Pharma/Therapeutics

EndoCrine is working on providing transformational therapies for patients with diabetes by harnessing the power of miniaturized human cellular models. We are using advanced human stem cell technologies and cellular metabolic models to discover novel drugs that improve the health of endocrine cells
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Meet the Team

Gopika Nair

Matthias Hebrok

Frontier Microscopy

USA/Australia – Robotics / AI / IoT

Frontier Microscopy is developing an ultra-portable optical microscopy automation platform for use across every industry. Initially they’ve applied their patented technology to automate analysis of the 10 million asbestos testing samples collected from construction works every year. The market for optical microscope analyses is over $15B annually with CAGR of 15%.

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Meet the Team

Jordan Gruber

Gábor Szijártó

Graham Hartland


USA/Japan – B2C/Genomics/Digital Health

[Profitable, $2.4M annualized run-rate, 97% YoY revenue growth rate, and 95% revenue margin] Genomelink is a DNA App Store where people upload/store DNA data to access more insights, products, and health researches. We’re transforming the $10B genomics market to a SaaS-like high-margin business and becoming a personal health data platform.
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Meet the Team

Tomohiro Takano

Yuta Matsuda

Kensuke Numakura

Hayden AI

USA – SmartCity/Mobility/GovTech

Hayden AI has developed the world’s first autonomous traffic management platform — simultaneously serving citizens and multi-agency missions to make cities safer, smarter, and more sustainable.
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Meet the Team

Chris Carson

Bo Shen

Vaibhav Ghadiok

Michael Byrne

Hopeful Inc

USA/Canada – Consumer Software

Hopeful is the first Social Fundtech platform that enables nonprofits and charities to monetize their social media followers specifically for fundraising and increase online donations by over 800%. Using their proprietary Storytelling AI technology, Hopeful provides visibility to nonprofit marketers, Executive Directors, and fundraisers on why donors are engaging, and allows younger donors who are most inspired to donate to donate directly within any social media platform they are using.
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Meet the Team

Alexander Jivov

Ahsan Javed


USA/Australia – Health Tech

Ever wished you could change how your brain works like changing the settings on your phone? humm is a neuroscience company that makes wearable devices which improve cognitive function. Their first device rapidly improves working memory by 20%.The patch’s novel form factor is 100x more affordable to try and 10x easier to use than similar devices that have come before and is just the first application of their underlying proprietary platform, with planned applications in sleep, anxiety, and even dementia. Humm is currently in closed alpha, and has 1000+ paid preorders, nearly 10k signups and purchase offers from the likes of the USAF.
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Meet the Team

Iain Cameron McIntyre


USA/Russia – AI/Enterprise SaaS

Intento helps global companies procure and utilize the best-fit cognitive AI services. The Intento AI Hub connects AI models trained on multiple platforms (such as Amazon, Google AutoML or Microsoft Cognitive Services) with many enterprise software systems. Launched in 2017, Intento recently received a U.S. patent for its core platform and works with global technology, retail and travel companies, augmenting their Localization, Content Management, Customer Support and Marketing Operations with AI.
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Meet the Team

Konstantin Savenkov

Grigory Sapunov

NuPort Robotics Inc.

USA/Canada – Robotics

NuPort Robotics is building the World’s first autonomous trucking company providing an aftermarket retrofit kit for converting existing trucks to autonomously drive over short distances for clients in retail, logistics and manufacturing.
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Meet the Team

Raghavender Sahdev

Bao Xin Chen

Pow Bio

USA – Biotech

Pow Bio is an intelligent fermentation startup with a fleet of bench-scale bioreactors and a small-scale (30L) food-grade production facility in an old chocolate factory in Berkeley, CA. Pow uses AI-driven optimization and continuous fermentation to help customers scale up faster and more robustly, getting them to market quicker and allowing them to abstract the final layer in the synthetic biology stack: process development and scale up. This has been recently hailed as “The biggest open opportunity in synthetic biology” in a recent a16z blog post.
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Meet the Team

Charlie Emrich

Ouwei Wang

Shannon Hall


USA/Italy – EdTech

Publica is an advanced service enabling owners of the broadest range of publication types and formats to share, market, and sell directly, with complete ownership and control of the brand experience, customer relationship, pricing, access model, and more.
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Meet the Team

Pablo Laurino

Franco Gilio


USA/Germany – Marketplace/platform

Pyoneer provides quantitative data and customer insights by an AI-powered Customer Feedback analytics SaaS. The solution identifies churn and retention issues and trends as well as their impact on growth.
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Meet the Team

Stefan Link

Christopher Schultes

Eugen Kandakov

Ronny Denk

Taras Frank

RJH Biosciences

USA/Canada – BioTech/Pharma/Therapeutics

RJH Biosciences is developing effective therapies to combat deadly blood cancers. Our therapies rely on the use of highly effective delivery vehicles tailored for specific nucleic acids and the cell types affected by the disease.
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Meet the Team

Hasan Uludag

Remant KC

Seashore Networks

USA/Singapore – Wireless Smart City IoT 5G

Software stack to democratize the last mile of wireless networks.
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Meet the Team

Ankit Dixit


USA/Germany – Hardware/Chip/AI

SEMRON provides the first technology that will beat the computing efficiency of the human brain by magnitudes of order. The start-up will set a new standard in neuromorphic computing.
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Meet the Team

Aron Kirschen

Kai-Uwe Demasius

SerinusLabs Logo
Serinus Labs, Inc.

USA – Hardware/Chip/New Materials

Serinus Labs is developing early warning sensors for lithium-ion battery safety. Specifically, Serinus utilizes its proprietary low-power, chip-scale gas sensing technology to sniff out trace amounts of battery vented gases which provides the earliest indication of failure prior to catastrophic thermal runaway. Implementation of Serinus`s technology in EVs can enable new and improved battery safety monitoring prognostics and diagnostics.
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Meet the Team

Hossain Fahad

Ali Javey

Gordon Charles

The Hurd Co.

USA – GreenTech/Sustainability Tech

The Hurd Co makes it possible make clothes from agricultural waste with agrilose™: a cost-competitive, sustainable, fiber feedstock pulp. Apparel brands use agrilose™ to produce viscose/rayon, modal, or lyocell fabric, which are normally made from trees.
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Meet the Team

Taylor Heisley-Cook

David Mun

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