Funding is offered via the Berkeley SkyDeck Fund, supported by major global VC investors. The fund is committed to donating half of management profits to SkyDeck and UC Berkeley.

So when you choose to launch a startup through SkyDeck, you will tangibly be helping support UC Berkeley, and the next generation of Berkeley founders.

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Startups accepted into Berkeley SkyDeck can receive funding from the Berkeley SkyDeck Fund in one of two ways:


  1. Companies accepted into the full cohort can expect to receive an automatic “accelerator” investment of $100,000. This will be made in the form of a very standard SAFE note, in exchange for an equivalent of 5% of equity.
    • The company must pass standard legal / financial due diligence to receive investment.
    • The investment is made in two separate transactions; $50k upon entry, and $50k three months later as long as the team makes solid progress on agreed upon milestones.


  2. All accepted companies, both within the full cohort and the “hot desking” program, are eligible to receive an investment from the fund, ranging from at least $50k up to 10% of the amount raised, into their next qualifying round (typically a priced round led by an institutional VC). We can help fill up your next round!

Sometimes startups ask us “should I take the $100k investment in exchange for 5% of equity? What if I can raise $100k for better terms elsewhere?”


At SkyDeck we believe that 5% equity in exchange for $100k and 6 months of prime workspace, hands-on mentoring, and access to the massive resources of UC Berkeley is the best deal you can find!

“I’d think twice about doing the madness of a startup if I didn’t have the immense support of SkyDeck behind me”

– Arun Rao, Co-Founder, Starbutter AI