Algorized Logo

USA/Switzerland – DeepTech

Sensing and perception AI software for presence sensing. Leveraging advanced algorithms with Ultra-Wideband chips for indoor navigation, human presence detection, age differentiation, and vital sign monitoring for consumer electronics, mobile and automotive.
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Meet the Team

Natalya Lopareva

Andrey Katz

Christian Gomes

Allos AI Logo
Allos AI

USA/UK – Digital Health

Allos is a complex generics pharma startup enabled by Causal AI. Leveraging EHR and prescription data, we are using Causal AI to identify unmet clinical needs, and forecast clinical trial patient response to derisk our pipeline of complex generics. With our differentiated approach we are making complex generics more accessible.
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Meet the Team

Aditya Varna Iyer

Isaac To

Ivano Lodato

Balu Krishnamurthy

Logo of AsparaGlue

USA/Canada – Medical Device

AsparaGlue has created a novel, superglue-like sealant and adhesive technology, and is developing a best-in-class product for this large and high-growth medical device marketplace.
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Meet the Team

Paul Birkmeyer

Phillip Messersmith

Bennudata Logo

USA – Enterprise/B2B Software

Bennudata builds a disruptive AI-powered backup&recovery orchestration platform for enterprise applications in the cloud. We pioneer end-2-end automation for disaster recovery, leveraging Native backups, Advanced APIs, and other building blocks recently released by public clouds. The key value for our customers is predictable recovery time and peace of mind for engineering leaders.
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Meet the Team

Dmitrii Gorbunov (CEO)

Pavel Konnikov

Pavel Danilov

Bitskout Logo

USA/Estonia – Enterprise/B2B Software

More than 99% of the US economy is hidden from analysts, investors, and marketers – Bitskout is building a powerful platform that offers direct access to actionable SMB data through a suite of unique LLM-driven tools deployed through a wide network of CPAs”.
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Meet the Team

Ilia Zelenkin

Edward Siew

Alexey Zelenkin

Buck.Ai Logo

USA/Turkey – Enterprise/B2B Software is the AI platform for the Home Services industry, building automations with LLMs to run operations like call-booking, scheduling, dispatch, capacity management and forecasting without needing humans. Customers benefit from revenues increasing around 25%, with significantly less overhead.
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Meet the Team

Utku Kaynar

Aditya Bhuwania

Cerevox Logo

USA  – Enterprise/B2B Software

Cerevox saves developers time and money by developing parsing templates to efficiently translate documents into language for LLMs, offering precise control of output and eliminating the need for coding to transform data.
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Meet the Team

Kamran Siddiqui

Muaz Siddiqui

CoGrader Logo

USA – EdTech

CoGrader helps teachers save time grading, and then builds on teachers’ trust to reach parents inexpensively. We provide real time visibility to parents on how their kids are doing and offer them targeted tutoring ($40B market).
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Meet the Team

Gil Quadros Flores

Gabriel Adamante

Vitor Barbosa

DeepSeq.AI Logo

USA – BioTech

DeepSeq empowers pharma/biotech to create functional protein drugs with highly interpretable generative AI and proprietary wet-lab screening technology. Our platform is validated by several paid customers, including a top global pharma, to develop drugs 10x faster and more effectively.
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Meet the Team

Andrew Chang

Identical Logo

USA – Med Device

iDentical is revolutionizing tooth replacement with the first drill-free, personalized, 3D-printed dental implants.
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Meet the Team

Iris Wedeking

David Sanderson

Michael Collins

LQL Logo

USA/Israel – Hardware/Chip

LQL revolutionizes imaging by commercializing quantum imaging and sensing. LQL realizes a low-cost (less than $100) Quantum LiDAR on-chip for the automotive industry and enables performances far beyond the limits of today’s sensing and imaging technologies.
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Meet the Team

Elad Hoxter

MyMagic AI Logo
MyMagic AI

USA – Artificial intelligence

We provide ultra-fast, cost-effective batch inference using open-source LLMs, we seamlessly integrate with your infrastructure for sentiment analysis, embedding, classification, extraction, and training data generation—all at a fraction of the cost.
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Meet the Team

Artur Gasparyan

Vitali Avagyan

NeuroAge Logo
NeuroAge Therapeutics

USA – BioTech, AI/ML

We are a San Francisco-based longevity biotech that creates drugs to reprogram brain aging and treat dementia. Unlike many other biotech companies, we will generate early revenue and data from our brain aging diagnostic, the NeuroAge Test. We have more than 35 years of experience from top institutions (MIT, Cambridge U., UC Berkeley), have been awarded an MBC BioLabs Golden Ticket, are winners of the NIA Startup Challenge, the Stanford Longevity Company competition, and funding by the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation’s (ADDF) $100 million global research initiative led by Leonard A. Lauder, Bill Gates, and others. We have so far raised $1.1M in venture, angel, and accelerator funding.
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Meet the Team

Christin Glorioso

Priyanka Joshi

Offi Logo

USA – Property/Real Estate Tech

Using a tech-enabled platform and a scalable asset-light deployment strategy, OFFI is solving the commercial real estate vacancy by introducing “the blended office”.
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Meet the Team

Gonzalo Aguero

Angelina Vigliocco

Iván Gauna

Ivan Addolorato

Olfera Logo

USA – BioTech

Enabling effective brain disease treatments with olfactory prodrugs.
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Meet the Team

Parnian Lak

Renaud Renault

Ozaru Logo

USA/Mexico – Enterprise/B2B Software

Ozaru’s AI Copilot is a LLM-powered toolbox specifically designed for frontline supervisors. It streamlines operations by providing real-time information, automating routine tasks, and facilitating seamless communication. Supervisors love it for its ability to customize workflows without coding, enhance decision-making with data-driven insights, and improve team productivity. This powerful tool empowers supervisors to lead more effectively, ensuring their teams are agile, well-informed, and aligned with business goals.
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Meet the Team

Guillermo Garza

Nomara Parra

Ernesto Rodriguez

Pickaxe Logo

USA – B2SMB Software

Pickaxe is platforming the future GPT economy. We provide simple storefronts for GPTs that enable creators to run sustainable businesses. Our no-code platform solves critical issues with GPT commercialization such as dynamic per-use pricing, unpredictable customer experiences, and complete front-end customization.
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Meet the Team

Nathaniel Mahowald

Ian Eck

Mike Gioia

Reframe Logo

USA – Enterprise/B2B Software

ReframeAI is developing Virtual AI Agents to help sales representatives quickly conduct thorough research on their inbound leads.
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Meet the Team

Peter W. Njenga

Virginia Njenga

ReRx Logo

USA – BioTech

ReRx Therapeutics is addressing obesity with an oral pill with a novel mechanism of action that overcomes clinical shortcomings of current, leading obesity treatments.
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Meet the Team

Prabha Ibrahim

Anders Näär

Justin Lee

Sun Metalon Logo
Sun Metalon

USA/Japan – Hardware

SUN METALON provides cost-effective technology to decarbonize metal manufacturing through recycling, refining, and forming.
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Meet the Team

Kazuhiko Nishioka

Swift Logo
Swift Charge

USA/Canada – Hardware

Swift Charge is building an extensive EV charging network with proprietary technology to enable seamless long-distance travel in electric vehicles.
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Meet the Team

Sheldon Zhang

Zhongyi Quan

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