Alyra Logo Color
Alyra Therapeutics

USA – BioTech

Alyra Therapeutics is developing proprietary drugs that bind to small GTPases and have the potential to sensitize tumors to a range of targeted therapy drugs used in the treatment of cancer . Alyra Therapeutics’ lead program is ALY101, a CDC42 inhibitor with applications in the treatment of multiple cancers and rare diseases including neurofibromatosis type 2 and Ewing sarcoma.
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Meet the Team

Mark Benedyk, PhD

Anand Ganesan, MD PhD

Marco De Vivo, PhD

Alessandro Monge

Appa Health Square Blue Sean Woodruff
Appa Health

USA – HealthTech/Digital Tech

Appa has cracked the code for addressing the teen mental health crisis and loneliness epidemic at scale. We pair teens with vetted young adult mentors and provide a curriculum of evidence-based “TikTok” style videos grounded in cognitive behavioral therapy. Through meaningful relationships and Gen-Z focused content, we help teens feel more confident, connected, and resilient.
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Meet the Team

Robert Miller

Katrina Roundfield

Sean Woodruff

ATDev logo transparent Todd Roberts
Assistive Technology Development, Inc.

USA – BioTech

ATDev is building the future of assistive technology. Our first product, Rehab Robo, redefines the standard of care for physical therapy through exoskeletons.
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Meet the Team

Todd Roberts

Owen Kent

Axbryd Logo Bianco Marco Bonola

USA/Italy – Hardware/Chip/New Materials

Axbryd builds a software layer that enables transparent offloading of Linux network programs to ASIC and FPGA network accelerators, achieving the best possible performance for the given program/workload combination while minimizing adoption barriers for customers of any size.
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Meet the Team

Marco Bonola

Marco Spaziani Brunella

Angelo Tulumello

Giacomo Belocchi

Giuseppe Bianchi

Screen Shot at .. PM

USA/Taiwan – FinTech

Crypto-Arsenal is a peer-to-peer trading bot ecosystem for quants to create and monetize their strategies, and for traders to automate their investments through trading bots.
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Meet the Team

Richard Lee

Zan-Jun Wang

Alan Wu

Cyder Logo Black Cyder
Cyder Inc.

USA/Canada – Marketplace/Platform

Cyder is the world’s first decentralized data trust that enables users to protect their privacy, control their data, and earn royalties.
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Meet the Team

Sukhman Dulay

Will Christodoulou

Logo Colored Flat BlackText Logan Havern

USA – Enterprise/B2B Software

Datalogz is a data knowledge management platform that helps teams leverage data as their most valuable asset.
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Meet the Team

Logan Havern

Pablo Lerdo

Tina Bhatia

Screen Shot at .. PM
Denovo Sciences

USA/Armenia – BioTech

Denovo Sciences is a drug discovery company that uses its end-to-end AI platform to create first-in-class therapeutics acting on multiple targets including RNAs where no data is available.
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Meet the Team

Hovakim Zakaryan

Vardan Harutyunyan

Mher Matevosyan

Drishya logo black Amardeep Sibia
Drishya AI Labs Inc.

USA/Canada – GreenTech/Sustainability Tech

Drishya AI builds digital twins of brownfield industrial plants. Its technology reads and understands engineering drawings to quickly and cost effectively create the structural digital twin of the industrial plant from paper; which all industrial plants have. The structural digital twin forms the basis for establishing and maintaining the single source of truth and driving the optimisation of the plant and the digital oil field.
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Meet the Team

Amardeep Sibia

Sravan Rekandar

Saumil Sheth

horizontal wine png Yana Aznavour

USA – BioTech

Endometrics provides kits for the at-home diagnosis of endometriosis, the most painful women’s disease. The Endometrics team developed and clinically validated the efficacy of the novel genomic biomarker of endometriosis.
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Meet the Team

Yana Aznavour

Max Sorokin

logo inflows linked png InFLOWS AI

USA/France – Enterprise/B2B Software

InFLOWS AI provides a RDaaS (*Recipe Design as a Service) platform that empowers manufacturers to create better chemicals for human essentials 10X faster, re-inventing one trillion dollar market for chemical supply and demand workflows.
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Meet the Team

Abdou Kane

Oliver Chatin

kwikkart logo Aaron Gyure

USA – Enterprise/B2B Software

kwikkart is an affordable seamless checkout solution that allows any grocery store the ability to adopt walk-in-walk-out shopping. Our computer vision-powered shopping cart attachment and mobile app reduces the cost of checkout labor, increases the efficiency of grocery delivery, and provides an improved shopping experience for consumers.
rt’s goal is to build the first scalable seamless shopping solution, and in doing so, create an ecosystem that promotes consumer products directly to their target market while they shop.
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Meet the Team

Aaron Gyure

Sean Houlihan

ls typelogo color David Villa
Leadsales Technologies LLC

USA/Mexico – Enterprise/B2B Software

Leadsales is a Conversational-Commerce Platform for SMB’s to manage and organize messages in WhatsApp and other social media platforms.
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Meet the Team

Roberto Peñacastro Ortega

David Francisco Villa Cañez

Music Health Logo Transparent Background Nicc Johnson
Music Health

USA/Australia – Digital Tech

Music Health creates music intervention apps with real time insights to help improve your mental health. Our first app empowers ~250M dementia caregivers provide better care.
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Meet the Team

Nicc Johnson

Stephen Hunt

Amy Strack


USA- Robotics / B2B Manufacturing

Rangeview makes aerospace parts 10x faster, 3x cheaper, and with half the waste by reinventing a manufactering process through digital innovations.
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Meet the Team

Aeden Gasser-Brennan

Cam Schiller

Logo full Dmitri Ignakov
Taiga Robotics

USA/Canada – Robotics

Taiga Robotics is creating “robots with benefits”, allowing businesses to automate without the commitments of conventional automation such high process certainty, high initial costs, and long ROIs. Our system leverages AI to learn new applications within days compared to weeks or months, eliminating the traditional time and cost associated with deploying robots while building a library of skills with each task learned.
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Meet the Team

Dmitri Ignakov

Ilija Jovanovic

Bryan Stuurman

HQ James Lee
Wave Photonics

USA/UK – Hardware/Chip/New Materials

Wave Photonics is building a platform to accelerate the development of integrated photonics. We are taking a computational approach which enables the creation of an expansive IP library to cover applications in telecoms, lidar, quantum technology, sensing and many others. We aim to be the ARM for photonics.
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Meet the Team

James Lee

Matthew Anderson

Mateusz Kubica

zhealth logo

USA – B2B / SaaS / Healthcare

zHealth is a SaaS commerce platform for wellness businesses that enables them to digitize operations, enhance customer experience and serve customers anywhere.
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Meet the Team

Sukhi Singh

Rishubh Garg

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