Women at SkyDeck

Women at SkyDeck

What a timely moment to talk about women. Given the recent public attention on women’s workplace experiences and given the historic gender gap in the startup industry, Berkeley SkyDeck reiterates its staunch, longtime support of women.

We know the statistics are changing for the better as the months and years pass. We also know we’re not done helping them evolve further.

Though we are aware of men supporting the presence of women in the startup industry, here at SkyDeck, the fact that females comprise a majority on our Management Team offers the movement a sound base. From Executive Director Caroline Winnett to Program Manager Suzanne Levi, from Design & Media Manager Catherine Supnet to our newest Team Member, Bree Cahill, we are proud of the moves we make to let women feel welcome here.

Consciously including a long list of female Advisors — in alphabetical order: Lisa Edgar, Cathy Farmer, Andrea Lo, Rebecca Lynn, Cynthia Maxey, Jana Messerschmidt, Carla Newell, Laura Oliphant, Nancy Olson, Kim Polese, Alexandra Sepulveda, Radhika Shah, Leigh Teece, Sydney Thomas, Hilary Weber, Mary Wheeler, Sohila Zadran, and Shelley Zhuang — serves as evidence of this commitment.

We have noticed startups are attracted to this strength. Founders Heather Bowerman, Caroline Le Floch, Padideh Kamali-Zare, SB Master, Karen Taylor, Mandana Veiseh, Samaneh Pourjalali, and Jessica Willis, alongside the rest of their SkyTeams, have enjoyed the widely studied benefits of female success in a community of women. And the men at SkyDeck are cheering them on.

Here’s to even more excitement as increasing numbers of women find their way to SkyDeck.


by Stephanie Kwok, Freelance Writer