Why Apply to Berkeley SkyDeck? Top Ten Reasons!

Why Apply to Berkeley SkyDeck? Top Ten Reasons!

Berkeley SkyDeck is connected to the vast array of talent and resources of UC Berkeley, and we make these resources readily available all in one space! Geared towards assisting startups, our program partners with the Haas School of Business, the College of Engineering, and the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research in order to ensure there is a supportive network accessible to help accelerate any entrepreneurial idea.


If you still aren’t convinced as to why you should apply to SkyDeck, here is a list of our teams’ top ten reasons to apply!


  • Community– You are surrounded by a cadre of brilliant, high-energy entrepreneurs. These people are your daily colleagues for inspiration and co- creation. 


  • Mentorship Over 150 leaders in the investor and industry community volunteer to help advise our startups. “We get more introductions to amazing people than we have time to talk to!”


  • Funding-  The full cohort startups can expect to receive an automatic “accelerator” investment of $100,000 (for a 5% SAFE note.) The Berkeley SkyDeck Fund has the option to invest in all teams who raise a round of institutional funding while at SkyDeck.


  • Office Space Work space in the penthouse of the tallest building in downtown Berkeley. The views are stunning!


  • Tech Resources  $100k in AWS credits. Free Adobe Creative Suite. Google Cloud Platform. Free Altium license. Hubspot, NVIDIA, etc. etc. Too many to list here!


  • Legal Resources Top Tier Law Firms hold regular office hours at SkyDeck, offering a special founder-friendly rate and deferred payment options.


  • Events SkyDeck regularly hosts Fireside Chats, Roundtable Discussions and panels featuring some of the top entrepreneurs and VC’s. Recent guests include: Scott Kupor of A16z,  Roelof Botha of Sequoia Capital; Rebecca Lynn of Canvas Ventures, Prakash Janakiraman, Founder of Nextdoor; Jason Wang, Founder of Caviar, and Kevin Chou, Founder of Kabam.


  • Access to Faculty– The “Faculty-in-Residence” here are some of the most famous people in their field, and a perfect example of the access SkyDeck can provide to UC Berkeley faculty and research labs.


  • Giving Back– When you choose to launch a startup through SkyDeck, you will tangibly be helping support UC Berkeley, and the next generation of Berkeley founders because  half of fund profits are guaranteed to go to UC Berkeley.


  • Demo Day– At the end of each session, cohort teams present at Demo Day, our private, invitation-only event  for investors – bringing 400+ investors to you!

We are beyond excited to hear from all of you! Click here and begin your startup journey. Applications due September 28th 2018.