Welcome, Bears!

Welcome, Bears!

Welcome to UC Berkeley, where dreams are so big and minds are so powerful, nothing is beyond your reach.

At Berkeley, we aim high. Research? We are aiming to cure cancer. Technology? Our labs are creating the future of human-robot interaction. Academic excellence? We have seven Nobel Laureates and three Turing award winners who are current faculty. We bet you might already know these amazing facts.

But did you know that UC Berkeley is also home to the world’s greatest entrepreneurial talent? Did you know that UC Berkeley has its own startup accelerator, run by the university, right here in Downtown Berkeley? At Berkeley SkyDeck, we support and invest in startups coming from UC Berkeley. We think that the amazing talent- you – holds the promise for innovation and discovery that can create the world’s greatest companies, that will solve the world’s greatest problems.

Steve Wozniak of Apple, Gordon Moore of Intel, and Eric Schmidt of Google are among the many UC Berkeley alumni who have founded and run successful corporations. Other prominent companies founded by UC Berkeley affiliates: Tesla, Powerbar, Chiron. Maybe one of you is a future startup founder.

Have a look at our website, come to our orientation sessions for undergraduates (August 21, 10:00 am and 1:30pm) at our amazing location at the Penthouse Floor at 2150 Shattuck.

From our Penthouse floor you can look over the campus from the South, and survey your new home. Come see what Cal entrepreneurship is all about, and meet some of our amazing startup founders.

To find out more about Cal entrepreneurship, we created handy site with all the campus programs, at begin.berkeley.edu. Check it out.