SkyDeck Skyline

SkyDeck Skyline

For all who experience the great Berkeley, starting next Thursday evening, there will be a little more sparkle. When you look across the city, at the top of the tallest building, you’ll see us. Our logo will gently light the evenings as you amble to a restaurant with friends or sit back with a glass of wine at home.

Next week’s ceremony establishing the skyline change will be a culmination of the work of many. The logo itself, designed by Berkeley SkyDeck alumna Cari Irwin at PilotHouse, underscores with its ‘D‘ reminiscent of a moon just how far SkyDeck goes — for Cal, for its Founders, Advisors, and Investors. The font sans serif emphasizes the point further: this is the future; we keep only what is necessary to rocket to outer space. The font is clean. The path is clear.

The sign’s design was a collaborative effort by Executive Director Caroline Winnett, RadiantBrands Principal Steven Donaldson, and signage company AdArt. The building owners graciously supported our year long process to light Irwin’s work as brightly as SkyDeck smiles on its Founders‘ accomplishments. After all, our Founders are creating an amazing future for humankind.

If that’s not exciting enough, Mayor Jesse Arreguin, himself a Cal Bear — a first generation one in his family, no less — plans to be at the ceremony. We are grateful to have had both his support and that of the Berkeley City Council and planning department through the approval and now rollout processes. Yet it is maybe their recognition of SkyDeck’s importance to innovation at Cal, in the city, and in the country that we hold most dear. UC Berkeley Provost Paul Alivisatos and College of Engineering Dean Shankar Sastry will also join us to mark to occasion.

Take a gander across the city next Thursday. We think you’ll like what you see.


by Stephanie Kwok, Freelance Writer. Edited by Caroline Winnett, SkyDeck Executive Director