SkyDeck Rewind 2018

SkyDeck Rewind 2018

It’s the end of the year, and we’d like to take a moment to thank everyone in the Berkeley SkyDeck community for your support and enthusiasm. We work hard to support our founders, and we couldn’t do this without our large network of entrepreneurs, advisors, investors, and startup enthusiasts!

It has been quite an epic year at SkyDeck. We have significantly grown our program and our space.

Here’s a quick rundown of what we have accomplished in 2018:

  • Grew the program to over 100 startups in residence
  • More than doubled our space, with the addition of the Third Floor in the SkyDeck building, plus our drop-in workspace in Downtown San Francisco
  • Hosted our largest Demo Day, with 575 attendees
  • Launched two dedicated industry tracks, the Bio Track and the Chip Track
  • We now have 150 + SkyAdvisors and 40 Industry Partners
  • Launched our Mentor Network for industry connections

We also received significant press coverage in 2018, with features in Techcrunch, the San Francisco Chronicle, and NBC Bay Area News.

Our next cohort will begin in January. This will be our third cohort since the launch of the Berkeley SkyDeck Fund, and we are so excited to welcome these young dragons!

Our vision for Berkeley SkyDeck is to be the world’s top global accelerator, and bring significant support for UC Berkeley via returns from the Berkeley SkyDeck Fund. With the help of our community, this vision is coming sharply into focus.

Happy Holidays and warmest season’s greetings from everyone at Berkeley SkyDeck!