SkyDeck Holiday Gift Guide

SkyDeck Holiday Gift Guide

With turkey leftovers on their final days and holiday music taking over the radio waves, our thoughts are on making your holiday shopping as Berkeley-founder-friendly and painless as possible! With that in mind, take a peek below at our holiday gift guide – the fa la la loveliest gift ideas from our teams of cohorts past …

For the millennial in your life – or that uncle who’s always texting you reviews of the latest in craft beers – give them the gift that keeps them drinking! Hopsy (Spring 2016 Cohort) brings the best in local craft breweries in your region direct to your doorstep. Build that holiday cheer through a gift of holiday beer!

Build & Imagine
The PERFECT gift for every kiddo in your family! Let them Build & Imagine (Spring 2015 Cohort) the perfect play world through magnetic creation and dressup.

Never know what to gift to your aunt with that eye for design and a heart for the environment? SapphirePine (Fall 2017 hotdesk) is the first social venture tackling California wildfire hazard and climate change by transforming drought- and beetle-killed Sierra Nevada trees into stunning industrial modern furniture. This holiday season, ditch the red – go green!

Keep the athlete in your family on the move with ShowerPill (Spring 2017 Cohort), proven to kill germs and tackle even the sweatiest mess!

Doesn’t everyone have the one relative who is always coming up with the BEST ideas but no way to prototype them? Turn that napkin sketch into the next million dollar idea with You3Dit (Spring 2017 Cohort/Fall 2017 hotdesk)!

Aura Health
For that special someone who always has mindfulness on the mind… give them the gift of Aura Health (Fall 2017 Cohort)! This mobile platform is for audio mindfulness, health, and wellness content, powered by a recommendation system and it recommends meditations based on the user’s current mood.

Savon Body
But whatever will you get for that impossible-to-shop-for distant relative? Give them the gift of a better bathtime with Savon Body (Fall 2016 – hotdesk) luxury shower items, perfect for just about anyone who enjoys a good soak!

For that relative who is always snapping one (or two, or three) too many photos, give them the gift of 3D capture with LucidCam (Fall 2015 Cohort), because the only thing better than 100 snapshots of that waterfall you visited last year is the 3D version!

Every family has at least one helicopter parent. Help them connect – digitally – to little Tommy and his vital signs so that they don’t have to miss the holiday festivities with CocoonCam (Fall 2016 Cohort, Spring 2016 Hotdesk)!

Headed to a bridal shower this holiday season? Be the queen of the bridal shower jungle with this smart personal massager from Lioness (Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 Cohort). Every bride-to-be should be in the know about what gets them going – and YOU can be the gift giver to help them get there!

Tinkering Labs
Up and coming creative engineer in the family? Give them a gift from Tinkering Labs, (Fall 2015 Cohort) real hardware and opportunity for invention time and time again. The holiday gift that keeps them creating!


by Bree Cahill, Director of Partnerships