SF Business Times Features Entrepreneurial Strength in Berkeley

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SF Business Times Features Entrepreneurial Strength in Berkeley

The Bay Area’s growing entrepreneurial ecosystem is finally turning away from Silicon Valley and towards Berkeley, in large part due to the work of SkyDeck and UC Berkeley incubators, competitions, and fellowship programs.

In last week’s San Francisco Business Times, innovation in Berkeley was the feature article. The article, “How UC Berkeley Plans to Take on Stanford in Big Startup Game” focuses heavily on UC Berkeley’s implementation of entrepreneurism into its curriculum to foster the development of innovation.

While SkyDeck was a catalyst in the startup boom in Berkeley, the City is now the stomping ground of new incubators and accelerators. The City of Berkeley is partnering with the University to foster the entrepreneurial spirit because of the mutual benefits associated with the growth. An inaugural summit is planned for early next year to focus on drawing more capital to the area, in turn offering new job opportunities for local community members and supporting the financial health of the University.

With the guidance of serial entrepreneurs, including SkyDeck Executive Director, Caroline Winnett, the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Berkeley will continue to make headlines. There is a growing culture of innovation and optimism rooted in Berkeley that will foster continual advancement in the entrepreneurial sphere.