LEO Technologies Panel at SkyDeck Hosted by Analog Devices

LEO Technologies Panel at SkyDeck Hosted by Analog Devices

On Wednesday 5/23/18, SkyDeck Golden Bear Partner Analog Devices hosted an expert panel on low-earth orbit technologies and the exciting developments and opportunities in the space.

The LEO segment and space in general is reemerging due to enabling trends such as declining launch costs, software-defined radios, and other technical advancements that enable lighter, smaller, cheaper and, smarter satellites. With cutting edge technologies ranging from low-drift accelerometers to software-defined transceivers and active beamformers, Analog Devices is eager to partner with new and established companies in an effort to democratize this exciting market.” Bob Barfield – Director Space Products group – Analog Devices

Panelists included Michael DiPalma, Analyst Aerospace and Defense at William Blair; Harrison Caudill, CEO at Bstar; Shey Sabripour, CEO at Cesium Astro; Islam Eshrah, Principal Engineer Aerospace Communications at Analog Devices; Bob Barfiled, Director Space Products Group at Analog Devices; and Jonathan Chow, Spacecraft Architect at Lockheed Martin Space. The panel was moderated by Nimrode Moreshet, Director of Analog Garage. This panel was particularly designed to be engaging to attendees with an academic or investor background in the LEO space.

Guests enjoyed the panel, followed by lunch, networking, and a presentation from Cesium Astro, a LEO technology startup.

 “Analog Devices has been a great partner to Berkeley SkyDeck, connecting with our incredible startup teams, engaging with our advisors and the UC Berkeley ecosystem, and now through hosting this amazing, timely event on LEO technologies. This is the type of partnership that helps SkyDeck support the world’s next moonshots – and helps Analog source early stage technology that benefits their company. We look forward to continued partnership, and future events, of this caliber.”

—Caroline Winnett
Executive Director, SkyDeck