Kiwi Campus Announces the Future of Last-Mile Delivery

Kiwi Campus Announces the Future of Last-Mile Delivery

SkyDeck cohort company Kiwi Campus has announced their latest technology, including the Kiwi Trike, the world’s first smart-assisted semi-autonomous electric cargo tricycle.

For the last year, Kiwi Campus has been delivering restaurant orders with autonomous robots on the campuses of UC Berkeley and Stanford. Their goal is to provide friendly, accessible, and affordable food deliveries, especially for underserved customers.



Since their inception 18 months ago, they have grown to 28 employees and 70 Kiwi robots that are delivering items 65 percent faster and 50 percent less expensive than standard couriers. So far, they have made more than 8,500 deliveries with robots — more robot deliveries than any other company to date.

Among the recent Kiwi innovations announced at SkyDeck:

  • The Kiwi Restaurant Robot, designed to pick food up from inside a restaurant and take it to a waiting delivery robot outside the store.
  • The Kiwi Trike, an electric cargo bicycle built to deploy multiple robots that can carry up to 20 meals at a time. It is the world’s first semi-autonomous bicycle, and is now deployed on the streets of Berkeley, Calif.
  • The 3rd generation of Kiwi Delivery Robots, now featuring five times the battery life, nine cameras, and more than 300 times the computational power of the initial delivery bot.

Additionally, Kiwi Campus announced a new partnership with Udacity, one of the biggest players in online education, to train 200 new engineers in Colombia with Udacity’s Self-Driving Car Nanodegree, and are preparing to build the first Kiwi Factory in Medellin, Colombia, which include a state-of-the-art assembly and research and development center.


Kiwi is changing the world, one friendly robot at a time.