Demo Day Fall 2017: Deciding the Future

Demo Day Fall 2017: Deciding the Future

Because we haven’t had enough events lately ;), this week, we bring you Demo Day Fall 2017. Investors know this is where they can hear the latest and greatest updates on our SkyTeam Founders’ work. Founders are aware there will be few other opportunities in their companies’ lifetimes for them to engage with over 100 industry luminaries all at once.

In short, the holders of funding are listening.

So, as you can imagine, the Founders have been refining their pitches day and night, often with our Advisors. There has been so much takeout pizza that the neighborhood places know us. And as amazing as the results are looking, we need to keep mum on them for now.

Covering ground from the first in home diagnostic test for endometriosis to innovations in employee collaboration, the broad diversity of the Founders’ work allows Investors to see the reach of SkyDeck. Cal’s official accelerator is only growing. More to come from the SkyDeck Building. (Have you seen our new signage from across the city yet?)

Demo Day happens Thursday, November 9, at 1:00 pm. 24 teams pitching. Contact us for an invite.


by Stephanie Kwok, Freelance Writer