Campus Facilities & Services


As an official UC Berkeley accelerator, SkyDeck is working with partners across campus to bring SkyTeams the best experience – and support – possible during their time here. Our incredible campus partners provide access only available at a world leading research university.

Photo by Susan Merrell, UCSF



Campus Partners are at the heart of SkyDeck’s ecosystem! SkyTeams receive access to UC Berkeley’s top talent and resources while they’re here at SkyDeck thanks to our incredible campus partners.


> The Berkeley Science Fellows: provide pro bono scientific/technical consulting to startup companies by postdocs at UC Berkeley. This is the first of its kind program in the country.


> Haas Startup Squad: Connecting ambitious business students with the most promising Skydeck Startups for mutual learning and acceleration.


Meet and Greets: Meet Top UC Berkeley Founders (including CEOs of DoorDash, Flexport, Allbirds, TubeMogul, etc)


Faculty-in-Residence: Faculty are engaged with our community, actively helping identify the right professors to serve as members of startups’ technical advisory boards


Marketing Interns Program: SkyDeck hosts interns to help our startups with marketing, especially video production and social media.


Design Team: SkyDeck runs a program to bring campus talent to help our startups with their design needs. The program is managed by Tim Smith, Design Practice Area Leader for the Berkeley Acceleration Method.


> QB3: In March 2018, SkyDeck launched a biotrack, powered by QB3!


> Cyclotron Road


> CITRIS Foundry


> Molecular Foundry: a unit of the Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, offering researchers (including those at startups) access to equipment and facilities in nanofabrication, nanostructure imaging, and synthetic biology. SkyDeck has partnered up with Molecular Foundry to provide our startups with accelerated access to this facility.


> Jacob’s Hall & Invention Lab: With the Maker’s Pass, SkyDeck startups can access machine shops, 3D printers, and a comprehensive electronics lab.


> Campus Fitness Center: SkyDeck teams can access the fitness center at a student rate while participating in the SkyDeck program.

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