Berkeley SkyDeck’s Fall 2018 Demo Day

Berkeley SkyDeck’s Fall 2018 Demo Day

Berkeley SkyDeck’s Fall 2018 Demo Day was our biggest and, by all accounts, our best ever!

With over 550 investors, Industry Partners, and Advisors in attendance, we were thrilled to be in a new venue: Pauley Ballroom in the heart of UC Berkeley’s campus. It was only fitting that we had the Cal Band kick off the event!

20 Cohort teams and two HotDesk teams presented. The startups included companies in robotics, space, gene therapy, blockchain, enterprise software, and cognitive performance enhancement. After the pitches, investors mingled and enjoyed a networking reception, with the startups each hosting a booth to show off their products and demos. It was a warm fall day, and drinks were served on the deck overlooking the campus.

Our presenting Cohort teams:


Founded by three Amazon veterans, Bungee enables enterprises to mine geo-specific data reliably and at scale, worldwide, in real time. AI/ML applied on the data collected provides recommendations to empower e-commerce business of all sizes – like retailers, airlines, and hotels – to compete in real-time on price, selection, promotions, ad listings, and more. Bungee’s solution is turnkey – no dedicated technology team required.

Chameleon Biosciences

Chameleon Biosciences is transforming gene therapy with a re-dosable, AAV based gene therapy.  Our two base technologies Effector Vectors and Exo-AAV, are not constrained by the same immune system limitations that prevent more widespread use of current AAV gene therapies.  Chameleon is committed to treating greater numbers of patients suffering from rare diseases with disease correcting genetic medicines administered as many times as needed.


Cooljamm has developed a set of AI platforms which can, first, “learn” the key melody from any piece of music, and then second, “compose” a new track based on the same melody but customized with style, rhythm, pacing, instruments, etc. Their product will be sold to power-users who upload hours of videos online every week; these video producers can use this tool to generate accompanying music tracks – without any copyright issues.


DropEx is a multifunctional, frictionless networking application and relationship management system. Bridging the offline and online, DropEx utilizes its patented device discovery and exchange technologies, and provides context data that tremendously increases networking utility. DropEx’s team has extensive experience in product development and top-level management in the worlds most innovative corporations.

Empire Biotechnologies

Empire has developed a therapeutic drug, used to control absorption of nutrients through the digestive system – a critical problem for a variety of diseases.

EyeLevel has built an analytics-driven platform to help chatbot owners both monetize their current users, and also pay to acquire new users. Imagine a native ad network like Outbrain, but custom designed for the growing chat & conversational ecosystem.


Ever wished you could upgrade your brain like you update an app on your phone? HUMM is building a hardware/software platform for anyone who depends on their cognition for success. The first users are “cognitive athletes” in the professional esports gaming space, unlocking improved mental processing speeds and accelerating training.

Peanut Robotics

Peanut Robotics combines experienced robotics entrepreneurs with technical experts, to design a consumer-facing robot using break-thru technologies for agile “gripping” of household items. This robot can be used to retrieve anything ranging from heavy books to fragile eyeglasses for seniors and others with physical ailments unable to bend effectively.

Perfect Dashboard

Perfect Dashboard is building a marketplace connecting leading SaaS products with the long tail of website owners. Their platform uses AI-powered hyper-targeting and one-touch integration to connect the right customers with the right product offering, and triples the conversion rate. They already have a reach of over 500k websites across 20+ hosting companies in US and Europe.


PredictEV is a blockchain-powered, prediction-focused social network that empowers users with a fun way to earn cryptocurrency by discussing the events they care about, and gives them a stake in the outcome of those events without having to risk a dime. PredictEV will initially focus on sports predictions, thus positioning it to leverage a budding sports betting renaissance in the United States. Later, the network will also support stock, cryptocurrency, and political predictions.


Using the next generation of natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, Predictim has built an advanced AI tool that can generate unique insights about an individual using their digital footprint. After scanning someone’s social media accounts, our AI can assign them an overall risk score as well as evaluate them on different personality traits such as politeness, positivity/negativity, aggression, ability to work with others or other criteria.


Researchably provides targeted information to pharma sales & outreach teams. We do this by using Natural Language Processing to extract insights about patients & health care providers from scientific literature.

Seamless Microsystems

Seamless Microsystems enables technology companies to build integrated chips at lower cost without compromising on performance. Using patented technology, our state of the art analog-to-digital converters enable high-performance, compact, and cost-efficient systems for Lidar, 5G wireless communications, and medical imaging.


SimpleDataLabs builds Prophecy – a Predictive Analytics Designer for Business Analysts, powered by our DeepWisdom engine for auto-generating machine learning models. It’ll put Predictive Analytics in every Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboard in the world. Every business executive can now ask -”what is   going to happen next and what can I do to change it?”


Skyloom is developing a spaceborne infrastructure based on optical communication technology and relay satellites placed in geostationary orbit to drastically increase space-to-earth bandwidth and unlock the true economic potential of low Earth orbit.


Snipfeed is a news & information recommendation AI-based engine and your go-to for everything that matters to users. It provides daily and highly-personalized snippets for its users, engaging them in learning by breaking up original content into short chat messages, GIFs/Images, videos & quizzes. After 40 days in existence, the MVP serves 13K daily active users.


SoftRides has built a browser-based plug-in which can run a sophisticated neural network on the edge, used to monitor user expressions, glance direction, and surrounding environment. This is used to revolutionize the proctoring/ test-taking market – students of online-courses can now be proctored effectively, even if the network “dies” mid-test. The same technology can be applied to webinar analytics, even advertising.


SMBX is a platform connecting small businesses with the people who want to invest in them. It’s a public marketplace that facilitates the issuance and trading of small business financial securities, beginning with the Small Business Bond.


ThinkCyte has built the Ghost Cytometry technology, the world’s first high-throughput image-based cell sorting system by integrating advanced imaging, machine learning and microfluidics technologies. It enables researchers to identify cells based on their images and isolate target cells, including rare cells in real time. This innovative approach brings ultrahigh throughput, content-rich analysis and sorting on a single cell level to disciplines such as drug discovery, cell therapy and clinical diagnostics.


Triton allows media companies to tailor which content they show each user. Their API builds unprecedented loyalty by making every user interaction feel personal. Triton’s platform caters to media companies by offering intuitive control and visibility into the system.

Our presenting HotDesk teams:

Ambidextrous Laboratories

Ambidextrous Laboratories develops software for Universal Picking: the ability of robots to grasp a diverse set of objects of different shapes and sizes. The software can be applied to almost any combination of bins, shelves, sensors, robots, grippers, and suction tools without requiring expertise in the physics of robot grasping, and the team includes world experts in robot grasping with 50+ years of experience. Ambidextrous Labs plans to develop and apply this technology to service robots for Logistics, Healthcare, and Retail, as well as many applications in home and industrial robotics.

Oasis Labs

Backed by top investors including a16z Crypto, Accel and many others, Oasis Labs is building a privacy-first cloud computing platform on blockchain. It aims to help users regain control of their data and enable privacy-preserving collaborative machine learning to foster company innovation. Oasis Labs was recently recognized as one of the top 10 startups to watch in the Silicon Valley.

Here at Berkeley SkyDeck, we are reimagining the future of business, innovation, and global culture, one brilliant start up at a time. See you at our next Demo Day!