Berkeley SkyDeck Life Science Track Startups Go to China

Berkeley SkyDeck Life Science Track Startups Go to China

Berkeley SkyDeck has a long tradition of supporting outstanding startups in the life sciences. A number of UC Berkeley faculty- and alumni- founded startups have been successfully accelerated through SkyDeck, including successful exits like Zephyrus Biosciences.

The newly launched “Bio Track” at SkyDeck has added to this strong tradition, by partnering with the University of California’s QB3 to create a program specifically targeted towards the needs of life science founders, including access to advisors, equipment, facilities, and of course investors.

By merging the resources and breakthrough discoveries coming out of the University of California community, SkyDeck expects to host a steady supply of life science startups working in fields ranging from small molecule therapeutics, to diagnostics, to scientific instruments, medical devices, and even to the newest variants of synthetic biology.

Of course, the “market” for life science startups is unique in that diseases don’t respect national borders, and patients from all over the world struggle with the same medical challenges that our life science entrepreneurs have devoted their careers towards tackling.

With that in mind, Berkeley SkyDeck is expanding its reach internationally with its first-ever “China Bio” event, and bringing a number of our top portfolio companies for a road trip through China. In July, four companies from the SkyDeck portfolio will spend a week traveling through eastern China.

By meeting experts from leading pharmaceutical/biotech companies, industrial parks, and venture capital investors, we aim to help these companies identify collaborators that will help them bring their world-changing innovations to market even sooner.