Application deadline extended until September 28!

Application deadline extended until September 28!

Due to popular demand, we are extending the application deadline for the Spring 2019 Cohort until September 28 at midnight, pacific time. Only a few more days to get your application finished!

Some tips for writing an application that makes it easier for us to efficiently learn about your startup. We use F6S for our startup applications because we find it well organized and easy to use for an accelerator that gets a high number of applications, like ours.

1. Fill out your startup profile on F6S. This will display your company description at the beginning of your application, which makes it easier for us in the review process. Upload your logo, if you have one.
2. Clearly answer the question about stage. Do you have compelling data, a prototype, users, customers, revenue? Be specific about the stage of your company. We won’t dismiss an application for a startup with no customers or revenue, and knowing this will help us evaluate your application in the proper context.
3. Make your deck clear and concise. Worry less about design and more about content and clarity. If you are not sure if a slide or content is needed, you might include it in an appendix.
4. Add a video, if you have one. It can simply be the founders introducing the startup and your product.

Remember that you can update your application even after you have submitted it, until applications close on September 28. After that time, if you have an important update, you can submit it through the F6S platform. Keep us updated if you reach a significant milestone such as signing a major customer, or important test results. You can ask us questions through F6S at any time.

Good luck!