Announcing The SkyDeck Design Team

Announcing The SkyDeck Design Team

by Jessica C. Kam

BERKELEY, CALIF. — SkyDeck, UC Berkeley’s official startup accelerator, has announced the creation of the SkyDeck Design Team, a new in-house program to connect Berkeley design students with SkyDeck startups to work on graphic design, industrial product design and UI/UX projects, and participating students will hold regular office hours at SkyDeck to provide design expertise to founders.

The SkyDeck Design Team is headed by UC Berkeley students Alyssa Li, Divya Nekkanti, and Lian Song.

Alyssa is a graduate student at Berkeley’s School of Information, studying Human Computer Interaction and doing research in Virtual Reality and Tangible Interfaces. She serves on the Student Advisory Board of the Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation and is a part of the inaugural cohort of Innovation Catalysts at Jacobs.

Diyva is a UC Berkeley Sophomore majoring in EECS and minoring in global poverty and practice. She has a solid research background and passion for human-computer interactions and using technology for social good.

Lian is an undergraduate studying Cognitive Science and Data Science, with a love for all things design. On campus, he serves as External Vice President at Berkeley Innovation, a student-run human centered design consultancy.