You have 72 hours. What do you do?

You have 72 hours. What do you do?

On Friday, conquer your startup stress with $100K from the Berkeley SkyDeck Fund.

Wherever you are. Wherever you’re from. Even if you’re devouring prawns in Mozambique right this minute.

At SkyDeck, we’re entrepreneurs, too. We get it — the late nights, the constant worry. That’s why we’re here for you. The $100K aside, you get prime office space for six months. Six months in the heart of Berkeley to play and test out ideas, with clear views of the Golden Gate Bridge to inspire your team. With campus right there when you have coffee with, you know, the movers and shakers at Amazon, Ford, and Intel (yup, we’re friends) plus the Cal professor who speaks your language. Oh yeah, all at the same table with you.

So of course Cal’s resources are here. Because SkyDeck is the university’s accelerator, connections with our Silicon Valley backers are possible. You get mentoring from a major industry person, a.k.a. your team’s Lead Advisor. This mentor connects you with our Advisory Board, so you have feedback from influential startup veterans. Industry experts are on hand in our Berkeley Acceleration Method workshops. The richness of Berkeley Haas Entrepreneurship Program is yours to tap. BEGIN puts it all together and makes it easy to see what’s up.

When you step off the elevator at SkyDeck, our penthouse’s open floor plan hums with collaboration. Everyday, investors stroll by — yes, literally — as your team brainstorms brand solutions. Everyday, people who can expand your startup are just hanging out here. A few feet from your huddle, a Team in your cohort is asking a similar question. Then just like in the movies, you come together and there’s a hallelujah chorus. You partner up. You hit a solution it was taking you months to muddle through before SkyDeck.

Epiphanies continue on Demo Day. You and your new partner head straight to the wunderkind who just presented and suddenly you’re the next Amazon-Whole Foods.

Since numbers matter: two weeks ago, Cal was ranked #1 in many categories of PitchBook’s Universities Report. And Seed Accelerator Rankings Project named us a 2017 top tier accelerator, at the same level as 500 Startups.

Plus when you choose SkyDeck, you automatically help Cal with the next big thing. We, the university of too many revolutions to name here. You say you want a …. We share half of the carry from our SkyDeck Fund (the pot of money your $100K comes from) with Cal. Yes, the $100K is still yours. Your startup profits are yours. And future Founders get that much more support in nudging the world forward. You could seriously be helping the biggest invention since the Internet. No other accelerator is doing this.

The pot is simmering. The application is short and sweet.

Friday. Be there.


by Stephanie Kwok, Freelance Writer