Why Apply?

Why Apply?

SkyDeck is excited to announce that the application to join our Fall 2017 Cohort is now open. Why Apply? Hear from our SkyTeams!

“As a multiple times founder, I would say that it’s generally a good idea to join a startup accelerator / incubator because it creates a social environment for the team and makes the CEO accountable to an external stakeholder even before customers or investors are involved. SkyDeck’s particular strengths in my view are the great advisor network, killer office space, and the institutional prestige of the University.” – JD Margulici, Infinite Uptime

“Breathtaking view, family environment (makes you feel like home away from home), TONS of resources, game changing startups, intelligent minds, SkyHack (solving real world problems for fellow startups). The list goes on and on…” – Yasin Arif, Stowk

“The value add from SkyDeck is incredible. As a technical founder taking leave from the CS PhD program, we applied to SkyDeck for the reputation and the office space off campus where we could develop our IP free of charge, but the biggest value add turned out to be our primary advisor, Albert Chu. His guidance helped us turn great technology into a great business. We’re now poised to make a far-reaching positive impact, and we owe a big thanks to Albert, Caroline, and the rest of the SkyDeck team.” – George Netscher, SafelyYou

“Having done my Bachelors, Masters, PhD and teaching at Berkeley, SkyDeck is a great fit for an accelerator program. Not only does SkyDeck have a huge amount of resources available, it also offers a community of high achieving and high potential entrepreneurs that have a real shot at changing the world. The people are so inspiring.” – Chris McCoy, You3Dit

“Caroline has nothing but the purest of intentions. It is refreshing and clear that SkyDeck genuinely wants to see us become successful.” – Kourosh Zamanizadeh, P.I.N.G.

“I applied because I am a Berkeley alumni, and as a former Cal athlete, it is nostalgic to work out of the building that we had looked up to from the field. Cal is so decentralized and I wanted to harness the best and brightest resources at the university and have the ability to recruit talent.” – Wendell Hunter, ShowerPill