SkyTeams Onboarded

SkyTeams Onboarded

SkyDeck is pleased to announce our new fall 2015 teams:


Axlehire: providing a workforce management solution for transportation companies.
Clarity Movement Co: designing the world’s first wearable air quality monitor.

Etch: using data science to collect and analyze information on user’s contacts to optimize connections in a single platform.

Eucl3d: creating custom collectibles for devoted gamers using three-dimensional printing.

FarmX: helping farmers save time and resources while increasing productivity with the FarmMap Soil Probe.

Kudo3d: providing high quality, professional-grade 3D printing at affordable price points.

Lendsnap: building the modern mortgage experience by linking borrower financial and employment data to provide instant qualifying documentation.

Lucid VR: designing the world’s first consumer camera for virtual reality. redefining interaction between the human mind and external electronic devices through cutting-edge neuroscience and machine learning.

Smartbod: building an adaptive vibrator and app that creates a new way for women to connect with their bodies, to learn about their sexual preferences, and to ask questions of a supportive community.

Tinkering Labs: developing kits to help kids gain the knowledge, skills and grit that they need to become the next generation of global innovators.

Xendit: moving money around the globe in a way that is cheaper, faster, and more convenient than existing solutions such as the bank or Western Union.


In addition to these twelve new teams, eight teams applied for and were granted an extension to stay at SkyDeck for an additional six months, as part of our SkyLab program.

Our eight SkyLab teams are:

Cortera Neurotechnologies: designing medical devices aimed at revolutionizing the treatment of incurable neurological conditions.

Civil Maps: building a cloud based artificial intelligence platform to map objects in the real world using machine vision algorithms.

Nodexus: identifying cancer cells using patented technology that provides critical information for patient-care therapy and monitoring.

Picosense: developing the first fully portable, miniaturized and lightweight magnetic sensor to be used as a heart rate monitor (HRM), and medical magnetocardiography device.

Picoyune: using patented plasmonic film technology to develop a portable detector with an initial focus on mercury, a potent neurotoxin and global pollutant.

Privail: developing point-of-care diagnostics for the early detection of infectious diseases, with an initial focus on HIV.

Symbio Robotics: Creating a network operating system for cloud robotics.

Xcell Biosciences: enabling recurrent genomic and proteomic interrogation of a patient’s cancer directly from a small blood sample.