SkyTeams OnBoarded for Spring 2016

SkyTeams OnBoarded for Spring 2016

SkyDeck is pleased to announce our new Spring 2016 teams:

Cinder Biological: harnessing three billion years of biology for today’s clean industry.



De Mobo: allowing presentations and lectures to be easily controlled, recorded, transcribed, analyzed and shared through a multi-screen presentation platform.



Dray Technologies: brokering full truckload shipments from shippers to carriers with an online marketplace.



First Derm: mobile app that connects users directly to dermatologists for an opinion on any skin issue – anywhere, anytime, anonymously.



Hitmap: helping businesses find and evaluate new locations for their businesses.



Hopsy: connecting local craft breweries with consumers at home with an online marketplace and home delivery service.



Improving Outcomes: helping clinicians understand what happens to their patients after major surgery or treatment to enable better models of care.



LiftED: enabling special education teachers, therapists, and behavior analysts to measure students’ performance on personalized academic, social, and behavioral goals.


Mentive: transforming any online course on the web into an interactive learning experience by connecting students with local mentors.



Nventi: deep analytics for innovation collaboration.



San Draw: making the world’s first desktop silicone 3D printer featuring FAM technology.


Stroll Health: helping doctors and patients get to lower cost healthcare.



Valitor: developing therapeutic protein-polymer conjugates, which they will engineer to exhibit the specific pharmacological properties that are needed to drive their clinical adoption as drug products.



WellDone Technology: a novel hardware-software paradigm bridging the connected device “valley of death” from prototype to scale.