SkyTeams in the News

SkyTeams in the News

SkyDeck is proud to announce that three SkyTeams, Civil Maps, Symbio Robotics, and Transcence, were selected by to join the global investor’s Class of 2016. There were 40 startups selected out of hundreds of applicants from Universities across North America and Europe. Selected teams travelled to Stockholm, Sweden for the World Founder Forum and were given the opportunity to earn up to $100,000 funding awards.

We are thrilled to announce that Civil Maps and Symbio Robotics were two of the 10 teams who were each awarded a $100,000 prize. Transcense was awarded a prize of $10,000.  For more information about the winners, visit the official Founder Announcement.

FarmX presented at Parisoma’s Think & Act event as one of the four food startups in attendance. FarmX was highlighted for their innovative technology in food production and praised for their sustainable model. For the full article, visit the Parisoma blog and visit the FarmX blog.

In a Wired .com article, the Clarity Movement Co. team was featured for its revolutionary wearable pollution detection technology. The article emphasized the demand for the product, as well as an understanding of the product’s function. For the full article, visit the Wired blog.

SkyAlums in the News

Go Overseas’ blog provides a unique perspective on their work through the eyes of their intern, Alex Wing. Wing details his positive experience working at Go Overseas and SkyDeck, and the opportunities that have allowed him to explore his interests and gain an understanding of the entrepreneur ecosystem in Berkeley. For the full article, visit the Go Overseas blog.

Honeit was recently featured on a popular radio show for their real-time recruiter software. For the full article discussing the radio show, visit the Recruiting Animal website.

Kizoom’s blog offers insight into the mechanics of the game making process. Their most recent entry illustrates the procedures that translate their ideas for apps and games into a reality. For the full article, visit the Kizoom blog., was recognized for their work in a Forbes article for their promotion of an efficient alternative to existing scientific research and lab procedures. offers an app that allows scientists to collaborate and save billions of dollars that would have otherwise been spent on replicating experiments. For the full article, visit Forbes.