SkyTeam SmartBod CEO Liz Klinger in Ravishly’s “Ladies We Love”

SkyTeam SmartBod CEO Liz Klinger in Ravishly’s “Ladies We Love”

How often are technology and engineering associated with sexuality? SkyDeck is excited to announce that SmartBod’s Co-founder and CEO, Liz Klinger, was featured in Ravishly’s “Ladies We Love” column last week for just that. SmartBod has proven itself to be an unconventional tech startup that has made a strong impression in the sex toy industry with their innovative approach to an intelligent vibrator. The company has committed to tap into the sphere of female sexuality that is perceived by society as a “taboo” subject. Beyond their commercial mission to aid women understand their bodies and preferences, Klinger is passionate about eliminating the stigma that prevents women from understanding that they all have natural sexual drives and that they should be catered to in a safe and personal manner.

SmartBod’s product is an intelligent vibrator that employs the use of tracking technology similar to that of the fitness Fitbit watch. The product is in beta and records and analyzes the user’s sexual responses. SmartBod research has exposed the danger in existing sex toys because of the lack of material regulation. Often the products are not body-safe, but their inexpensive and accessible qualities contribute to their popularity. The SkyTeam has performed tests and research that have shown that users were given the opportunity to discover more about themselves than they ever thought they could know.

Similarly, Dr. Debra Herbenick of Indiana University published her findings in the Journal of Sexual Medicine that revealed that 52.5% of 2,056 surveyed women from age 18 to 60 reported the use of a vibrator and that vibrator users are more likely to engage in gynecological exams. This research supports Smart Bod’s efforts to provide a safe platform for women to explore their health and expose them to more information about their bodies.

Klinger’s inspiration for the company stems from her personal experiences and her desire to highlight the importance of a woman’s sexuality as it pertains to her health and well-being. Klinger ironically grew up in a conservative household where she was never given an opportunity to discuss sex freely. Later, she attended Wellesley College, a women’s college, where she was able to explore different sexualities and preferences in an open environment. She also had a job where she sold intimacies in Tupperware-style sales parties where she was reintroduced to the discomfort of the scandalous topic of sexuality. Klinger has explained that much of the difficulty overcoming the discomfort associated with the discussion is a result of the media objectifying women and portraying them as something to be enjoyed. This accepted societal construct has been one of the many hurdles SmartBod must overcome.

Klinger attests much of her success to the brilliance of her team and her passion. SmartBod has experienced obstacles with investors and advisors who have been hesitant to join their efforts due to the exact stigma they hope to eliminate, and to the misunderstood excuse that they “can’t relate” to the product. Klinger and her team are accustomed to these responses, and professionally emphasizes that their product uses the fundamental design principles of engaging software and high-quality hardware. Klinger has reminded us that like all startup companies and entrepreneurs, SmartBod is doing something unpredictable. The team plans to maintain their perseverance and enthusiasm that will guide them throughout the launch of their product.

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SmartBod Co-founder and CEO Liz Klinger