SkyTeam Localwise in the Business of Supporting the Community

SkyTeam Localwise in the Business of Supporting the Community

Fittingly, SkyTeam Localwise was featured on the local Berkeleyside news site for the progress the startup has made with its community job board. The team’s initial vision was to develop a business-to-business recommendation service, however, Localwise founders, Benjamin Hamlin and Maya Tobias, eventually shifted their focus towards a job board model, and Localwise was born.

Localwise began by partnering with local businesses and targeting students in the area. Currently, Localwise has provided opportunities for students at Berkeley City College, UC Berkeley, College of Alameda, Laney College, California College of the Arts, Mills College, Holy Names University and Bauman College. Localwise provides an outlet for local jobs that existing career centers may not have the resources to provide. For instance, Localwise advertises a wide range of work opportunities, from full-time roles, to part-time roles and even one-time opportunities. The SkyTeam has also provided resume writing courses and classroom talks for students.

Localwise is a unique job board because of its dedication to support local businesses and community members. Only local businesses are approved to advertise on the site in order to protect them from becoming overshadowed by powerhouse national corporations. The Localwise team also vets all potential employees. The result: the employee pool is smaller, but individuals are more serious and find jobs that are more compatible.

As Localwise continues to grow, it has opened its services to all community members and gained the support of over 800 businesses. Currently, Localwise allows users to participate for free, including advertising jobs, as well as applying for jobs. Eventually, job-ads will be introduced for a cost of $50, still less expensive and more reliable than its counterparts. Localwise aims to reach beyond the job search, to unite the community and champion local business growth.


To learn the more about Localwise’s efforts, read the Berkeleyside article or visit the Localwise Website.