SkyTeam Lioness in New York Magazine

SkyTeam Lioness in New York Magazine

SkyTeam Lioness was highlighted in a New York Magazine article for its integral part in “the next sexual revolution”. While previous advances in sexuality came in the form of a pill, Lioness, along with other startups, has begun to address female sexuality in an entirely new form.

The conversation about female sexuality is growing and it has begun to take over the silence and previous lack of research. Lioness was praised for its approach to discovery as a personal and individual quest, and one that does not require a partner to explore.

One major take away from the article, as well as an important factor of Lioness’ work, is the emphasis on the importance of female comfort and safety in the exploration of their bodies and sexuality.

To read the full article, visit the New York Magazine article. For more information about Lioness, visit their website.