SkyTeam Kizoom Launches Brainventures App for Kids to Promote Lifelong Learning

SkyTeam Kizoom Launches Brainventures App for Kids to Promote Lifelong Learning

Today, SkyTeam Kizoom’s new game Brainventures went live in the App Store. The game is designed for kids aged 7-10 and aims to teach them about the brain and growth mindset. Players experience first-hand the role of a brain cell inside a child’s brain and progress through narrative quests and playful mini-games as they befriend other neuron characters in their journey to reach the Hall of Brain. Throughout their adventure, the players develop an understanding of the positive implications of healthy habits on the brain.

In an article on, Kizoom is praised for its progressive approach to brain development and its efforts to help children be life-long learners. The evolution of Brainventures extends beyond the average App Store game for children. The team has been challenged to encompass the standard entertainment element of the game, with the educational aspect. Kizoom members have combined artistic and scientific disciplines to ultimately create a game that could revolutionize child brain development.

The timing of Kizoom’s game launch is important. As the world continues to advance, children will now have the opportunity to learn in the rapidly changing modern world. Throughout the app’s creation, the team worked with over 300 kids in Bay Area schools and collaborated with great advisors in games, education and neuroscience.

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Read more about the Kizoom team and a description of their app from their Press Release and the Article. Download the free Brainventures app right now!