SkyTeam First Derm launches their product on Indiegogo

SkyTeam First Derm launches their product on Indiegogo

Going to a dermatologist is easier said than done. For starters it can cost a lot of money, even with health insurance. To make matters worse, the average wait-time to see a dermatologist in the United States is 29 days. Whether severe or minor, skin issues cause people a lot worry because there is no quick or reliable way to find out which are which.

First Derm solves these issues by connecting users to a network of board-certified dermatologists. Users take a picture of their skin issue, describe their symptoms, pay a small consultation fee and press send. It takes an average of only 4 hours for the network of dermatologists to respond.

To date First Derm’s service has been used mostly for rashes, but the team also hopes to make a dent in the rising rates of skin cancer deaths. The best way to achieve this goal is to catch and remove skin cancer as early as possible. To do so they are releasing a magnifying lens that connects to your phone and pairs with the First Derm app. This allows users to take medical-grade pictures of moles for a remote evaluation. They’re calling the lens HÜD, which is Swedish for skin.


For more information about the product and to support their campaign, visit First Derm’s Indiegogo page.  To learn more about First Derm visit their blog.