SkyTeam CinderBio in Newsweek Magazine

SkyTeam CinderBio in Newsweek Magazine

SkyTeam Cinder Bio is leveraging the work of extremophile enzymes to help replace harsh industrial chemicals. Their application has proven to be more efficient, greener and cost-efficient. This week, the SkyTeam was featured in a printed article in Newsweek Magazine for their disruption in the Biotech industry.

Natural enzymes have been applied to major industries from enhancing nutrition density in livestock feed to producing high-fructose corn syrup. Unlike conventional enzyme characteristics, CinderBio is using enzymes found in Yellowstone that are accustomed to extreme conditions. These qualities allow them to operate in environments with extremely high temperatures and levels of acidity.

The SkyTeam’s successes have attracted attention in the biotech space, and they have identified potential for applications beyond the cleaning industry as they continue to develop their product.

Access the Newsweek Magazine article to learn more about their research and visit CinderBio’s website.

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