SkyDeck Welcomes the Fall 2016 Cohort

SkyDeck Welcomes the Fall 2016 Cohort

SkyDeck Welcomes the Fall 2016 Cohort

SkyDeck has announced 19 new SkyTeams to join the Fall 2016 cohort.


AlikeAudience Logo

Alike Audience: AlikeAudience’s mobile data management platform #mDMP empowers marketers, media agencies, and publishers to reach targeted audiences behind mobile.

CinderBio: uses the most extreme microbes on Earth to make a new class of ultra-stable enzyme formulations for industrial applications.​ ​ 

Cocoon Cam

Cocoon Cam: software analyzes videos to detect a newborn’s respiration- without a wearable- finally giving parents the peace of mind they deserve.​

 First Derm

First Derm: allows you to ask a dermatologist about any skin issue from any device anytime.

 GenEdit Logo v1

GenEdit: develops next generation therapeutics for genetic diseases through safe and efficient CRISPR/Cas9 delivery.


HomeGrown: Developing a compact, fully automated farming system to make organic food production a reality for any household.

 Infinite Uptime

Infinite Uptime: provides an IoT platform that automates predictive maintenance for industrial machines, with an initial focus on the manufacturing industry.


Inteliclinic: produce​s​ an intelligent sleeping mask Neuroon that combines advanced brain wave and pulse measurement technology to analyze human sleep and improve its quality.

 iTreat MD

iTreat MD: provides a point of care app that guides clinicians with check lists to treat diseases, and generates encounter notes for clinicians and personalized treatment plans for patients.
Kokko Logo

Kokko: color Science and AI to simplify and personalize shopping.

 MonoLets Logo

MonoLets, Inc.: network for intelligent machines.

MuMec logo

MuMec: building a new stick and peel sensor node made possible by an innovative ultra low power MicroElectroMechanical-System (MEMS) radio. logo is a digital health company that enables clinicians to track patient outcomes at scale and thrive under value-based models of care.

ReThink Logo

ReThink Medical Inc.: leverages continuous noninvasive health monitoring technologies  to keep heart failure patients healthy and out of the hospital.


Sereneti Kitchen: countertop Automated Robotic Cooking Appliance. logo

Telelytics: telehealth platform with deep learning applications to help doctors increase revenue and improve outcomes by matching appropriate patients for video visits with reimbursable use-cases.

Town Kitchen logo

The Town Kitchen: delivers chef-crafted lunch and employs low-income youth.

Vyrill NewLogo copy

Vyrill: one-stop dashboard & API for product video management, intelligence and marketing.


Wildfire Technologies: a mobile app that crowdsources and spreads safety alerts in real time.