SkyDeck Welcomes Five New HotDeskers

SkyDeck Welcomes Five New HotDeskers

SkyDeck has accepted five new HotDesking teams! What is HotDesking? HotDesking gives pre-applicant teams access to SkyDeck office space, workshops, networking event, and Advisors (on request) but are not part of the current cohort or assigned a lead Advisor.


HitMap is a business location management tool able to predict the sales of any future business location.


Dray Technologies ​is an on-demand B2B platform for the trucking industry that connects Shippers with Carriers, thus eliminating the need for a traditional freight broker.

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Evolution Materials is leveraging its 20 years of research into boron nitride nanofiber (BNNF) production and chemical modification to produce advanced composite materials for additive manufacturing filaments and thermal management materials.

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Mentive introduces the brick and mortar experience to online education through adding live web-based ‘TA discussion sections’ to existing online courses.


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First Derm is an app and web-service that connects users directly to dermatologists for an opinion on any skin issue – anytime, anywhere, anonymously.