Cohort teams have a Lead Advisor, go through the 6-month BAM program, attend all required events, are generally present at SkyDeck, and are fully engaged members of the SkyDeck community. They have a dedicated work space and have the expectation to present at Demo Day.


Hot-Desk teams are typically a little early for SkyDeck. They are interested in a shorter stay than 6 months and/or already have funding and want to engage with the SkyDeck community. They do not have assigned work space or a Lead Advisor, but are invited to work in the open areas and to attend all workshops and events. Graduates of the cohort program are also invited to hot-desk for 6 months post-graduation, if space is available.



SkyDeck welcomes entrepreneurs from around the globe to apply to our Global Founders Program (GFP). The GFP enables foreign nationals to come to SkyDeck to research entrepreneurship while working on their startup through Startup Semester at Berkeley, offered by SCET. Founders accepted to the GFP will develop their entrepreneurship skills and learn about the startup culture in Silicon Valley while working on a startup internship at SkyDeck. The GFP is a two-year study and internship program.


The GFP is open to all entrepreneurs from around the globe, as well as foreign nationals who are already in the US. Applicants accepted to the program will receive assistance in processing the appropriate visa. Apply for the Global Founders Program at the same time you submit your application to SkyDeck. The Global Founders Program is open to entrepreneurs who are accepted into the full cohort track at SkyDeck.



BAM is SkyDeck’s proprietary, six-month program to accelerate startups towards a position of strength for growth and survival in their market. It is a practical, experience-based program designed by serial entrepreneurs, VCs, and thought leaders informed by the discipline of entrepreneurship at UC Berkeley.


The program has 6 practice areas: Product Story, Market Traction, Business Model, Team Development, Funding Plan, and Design. For each practice area, cohort teams attend a mandatory 1-2 hr. workshop during their six-month residence at SkyDeck. Each workshop is led by an industry expert from our network of Advisors.



David Riemer

Product Story

Executive-in-Residence, UC Berkeley - Institute for Business Innovation

Iklahq Sidhu

Market Traction

Chief Scientist, UC Berkeley - CoE - SCET

John Hubinger

Business Model

CEO, Hub and Spoke Ventures

Hilary Weber

Team Development

Founder, Opportu Startup Leadership

Garrett Goldberg

Funding Plan

Principal, Bee Partners

Tim Smith


Portfolio Operations, Bee Partners