SkyDeck Collaborator Bee Partners Raises $30 million Fund

SkyDeck Collaborator Bee Partners Raises $30 million Fund

SkyDeck collaborator Bee Partners has raised $30 million in funding to invest in startups across the U.S. They originally aimed for $25 million, but the deal was closed at $30 million, allowing the VC firm to back 17 new companies thus far.

Bee Partners focuses on supporting fast-growing startups in their seed and pre-seed stages. Their average investment is about $400,000 and the firm typically takes 6-8% ownership in the startups it supports. Their relatively higher capital investments and lower equity allows talented entrepreneurs the flexibility and support to succeed in market. Bee Partners has previously supported many successful companies, including TubeMogul and Indiegogo.

As UC Berkeley alums, Bee Partners Founder and Managing Partner Michael Berolzheimer, Bee Partners Principal Garrett Goldberg and Director of Partnerships Cynthia Maxey also manage CalFounders, a community of Cal alumni who have founded their own companies. CalFounders fosters a network of support for both new and serial entrepreneurs from Cal. The organization has drawn attention to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Berkeley that has previously been overlooked by investors. Many CalFounders have contributed to Bee Partners’ second fund.

Bee Partners has been a collaborator and supporter of SkyDeck since its early establishment, co-hosting and sponsoring major events including Demo Day and the Berkeley Entrepreneur’s Expo. The firm works closely with our SkyTeams to enhance the community of innovators in Berkeley.

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