SkyDeck OnBoarded Five New HotDeskers

SkyDeck OnBoarded Five New HotDeskers

SkyDeck has onboarded five new HotDesking teams. HotDeskers are pre-applicant teams that have access to SkyDeck office space, workshops, networking events and advisors office hours, but are not part of the current cohort.



FYSH is a technology company that designs, develops, and sells electronic devices that help you to not forget.



Inteliclinic is an engineering studio specializing in biological signal processing systems and artificial intelligence technologies. Their current product is an intelligent sleep mask that provides accurate sleep analytics and active bright light therapy to help manage circadian rhythm.



iTreatMD provides a point of care app that guides clinicians with check lists to treat diseases, and generates encounter notes for clinicians and personalized treatment plans for patients. 



Town Kitchen delivers chef-crafted lunch and employs low-income youth.


The Cocoon Cam wellness camera is an all-in-one proprietary camera that detects heart rate, respiration, and skin temperature at a distance, and is currently being used for parents looking for a simple and secure way to monitor their newborns.