SkyDeck in LocalWise

SkyDeck in LocalWise

SkyDeck has recently turned heads due to its growing presence on LocalWise. This local job board has historically focused on searching for jobs for what they refer to as “main street businesses”, but recently is has tapped into the realm of tech companies.

LocalWise has broken the stigma that tech companies focus on outsourcing jobs, and proven that they hire both technical and non-technical local employees. The phenomenon began when SkyTeam ReMeeting began their search for an entry-level software engineering job. Although they were skeptical of the likelihood of success, LocalWise agreed to aid their job search.

ReMeeting successfully hired an employee, and began to prove that tech companies could not only provide technical jobs, but also opportunities for jobs such as office managers, bookkeepers, sales associates, community managers, bloggers, and many more.

LocalWise has begun to bridge the gap between tech companies and local employees. To date, LocalWise has assisted SkyDeck teams in hiring a total of 11 employees.


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