SkyDeck Cohort Application to Open Soon!

SkyDeck Cohort Application to Open Soon!

SkyDeck is excited to announce that the application for the Spring 2018 Cohort will be opening on September 1st!

Why apply?
SkyDeck takes pride in the community we foster among our entrepreneurs. Our open office space facilitates a culture of interaction and collaboration. Furthermore, SkyDeck takes no equity and charges no fees while also providing access to investors and advisors. SkyDeck is not your typical cookie cutter accelerator. In fact, SkyDeck’s unique ability to adapt to the needs of their current cohorts is crucial to helping companies launch by utilizing SkyDecks wide range of resources.

Hear from our SkyTeams
“SkyDeck is a community of entrepreneurs and mentors with curiosity for the unknown, desire to positively impact the world, and ability to create real solutions. The community has challenged us to think bigger and accelerated the growth of Aura Health.” – Steve Lee, Aura Health

“Starting a company is hard but SkyDeck has made it easier. They plugged us into a network of entrepreneurs, advisors, and investors that have seen the problems we’re facing and know how to solve them. It’s like we’ve added a team of experts without having to hire anyone.” – Jessica Willis, Canopy Analytics

“The SkyDeck experience has been extremely beneficial to us. The exposure and feedback we got on fundraising and growth has helped us tremendously. We liked it so much we don’t want to leave.” – Mohammad Musa, Deepen AI

“Being a part of SkyDeck has allowed us to plug directly into UC Berkeley’s ecosystem. Who doesn’t want access to the brightest and most promising talent in the world? The effect this has had on our recruiting and development has been second to none. Would highly recommend SkyDeck to any startup that’s looking to change the world” – Ryan Alshak, Ping

“SkyDeck has been a game-changer in better understanding launch and how to build a great company.” – Ravi Kurani, Sutro

“SkyDeck brings together an ‘A-Team’ of advisors and staff, who are incredibly responsive to the individual needs of startups.” – Anthony Radspieler Jr, Delta T Group

“SkyDeck provides the best commercial real estate in Berkeley in addition to a community of builders of the future. Unique place!” – Pedro Espinoza, SmileyGo


by Neil Weikert and Peter Swan, SkyInterns