SkyChat with Ray Bhatia

SkyChat with Ray Bhatia

In addition to our SkyAdvisor network, we welcome mentors with known industry expertise to hold office hours for our teams. Today we welcomed Ray Bhatia, the CEO and co-founder of the digital advertising company Demand Local.

Has Demand Local ever been part of an accelerator?

No, we have not. Actually we haven’t received outside funding of any sort. Since our founding in 2008 we have completely self-funded the company.

What do you typically talk about with the teams?

Generally we talk about the things they don’t even know they’re going to need. Every team has brilliant people, but they don’t necessarily know about business operations, project management – things like that. If they need to figure out how to start/run a sales team or they’re having some personnel challenges, I help them out.

Why did you decide to become a mentor here?

I’m good friends from college with the founders of one of the Hotdesk teams, TwoPence. When they were first starting I had been working with them as an advisor and then when they found SkyDeck and were accepted into the Hotdesk program for this Fall I looked into it. I liked the concept of an official Cal accelerator because I really valued my time at Berkeley – I figured this would be a great way to give back.

What’s your favorite part of SkyDeck?

I’d say the most incredible thing about this place is the brain power walking around at any given time. If you think about it, every person working here is at the cutting edge of their field. You don’t get that walking in the city or down your block – I’ve come to appreciate that quite a bit.

Thanks for your time Ray and we look forward to seeing you around more with our SkyTeams!


by Jack Yehl and Neil Weikert, SkyInterns